Monday, July 20, 2009

Season 1 pick#14

With the 14th pick, Jacksonville chose Frank Cain. Frank is another guy who needs to go "donate " to the local banks. He has devastating power, excellent batting eye, decent contact, and very good splits. He will make Prince Fielder look like Steve Balboni. He only played 11 games in his Rookie season, and did not play at all in season 2. That alone would make any man stoop to his knees. Season 1 saw him play only about a dozen games in rookie league.. He has dominated since than. He jumped to High A in season 2, and completely made mince meat of the pitchers. He made the all star team in season 3 , hitting 47 homers while driving in 155 runs. Season 4 saw him win the MVP award in AAA, in just 115 games he hit 48 homers and drove in 125 runs. In his rookie season in the ML, he promptly hit 45 homers while driving in 107. A major part of the future for this team. A STUD in all ways.

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