Friday, July 24, 2009

Season 2 draft "DUDS"

Season2 draft also saw a lot of DUDS that came to collect money. There were a few that never even saw any playing time. Harry Julio was one of them . Harry was drafted by yours truly with the, but never signed. I honestly have no clue why he was not signed. He had good power, contact, splits, left handed, and a decent batter's eye. Nick Koch is the biggest mystery of the draft. He was highly scouted as a SS with good defensive skills, good power, decent contact, kills left handed pitching, and a player with good make-up. He signed as the 2nd pick in the draft, and than totally dropped off the face of the earth. He literally took the 3.9 mil signing bonus and disappeared. Rumor has it, he took Ploppie's sister to the CLUB MED down in Brazil. They were seen having intimate nights along the sandy beaches . No one has seen him since they contract signing. He did not play a single game in the minors before retiring after season 2.

Junior Rojas is also another player that was drafted in season 2, and never played a game. Junior was scouted as a power hitting 3rd baseman with decent contact, good splits, and a decent batter's eye. He also took his 2.1 mil bonus and disappeared. He may have gone down to Brazil with Koch and Ploppie's sister for a nice 3-some on the sand. Whatever the case, hopefully the details will be left out when he is finally found.

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