Sunday, July 19, 2009

Season 1 pick #3

With the 3rd pick in season 1.....the Hartford Highlanders chose Sarma Flores. Sarma is a tough one to write about, as he is on my team now (St. Louis) . I vowed to be as honest as I can while writing these reports. I believe that Flores is over-rated . There has not been a season in his career that he has had more innings pitched than hits allowed. He is not a sinker ball pitcher either. At the time he was rated above 92. When the new " ratings took place" he dropped 10 points.He has great control and stamina, and should be a better pitcher than he has shown thus far. His ERA has been bettwen 4-5 all his career. Opponents are batting .260-.300 against his every season....looking at the players that were in this draft......He has to be a borderline DUD

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