Friday, July 24, 2009

Season 2 draft "Where are they now"

Season 2 saw a draft that was some of the strangest players thus far. We had a player that got drafted, got his signing bonus, never played, and retired after the 2nd season. We have had players drafted , that makes you wonder why they were drafted. We have players that have never made it to the big leagues, and may never with the numbers they have put up in the minor leagues.


1. Branch Borders. He was chose by Cleveland with the first pick in the second season. He has very good power, contact, and splits. So far he is a 2 time all star in the minor leagues. He was nominated in season 3 (High A) and Season 4 (AAA). Season 5 saw him make his ML debut. He hit .283 with 25 homers, while driving in 80 runs. He has excellent pitch calling skills and should win multiple gold gloves in the future. He is a STUD WANNABE.

2. Paxton Mc Donald . Paxton was chosen with the 4th pick in season 2 by Wichita. He is a player that shold be very productive in the ML. In season 2 he started out in Rookie ball, but ended up in the ML. He has performed quite well considering the lack of minor league experience he had. In his ML debut in season 2, he hit .291 with 17 homers in 254 at bats. He has 99 career homer in just about 3 seasons in the major leagues. His career average is .277, which should get better as time goes along.

3. Aubrey Sherman. Aubrey was chosen with the 44th pick in season 2. He has 2 all star appearances so far to his credit. He was voted in season 2 while in rookie ball, and season 4 while in Low A ball. Season 4 also saw him take home a Silver Slugger award for his performance. He is a CF with decent power, contact, splits, and a very good eye. He should also bring home a few gold gloves in the future as well. I will call him a FUTURE STUD WANNABE

4. Billy Ray Heiserman... Billy Ray was chosen with the 3rd pick in the second season. He has good power, contact, decent splits, and a very good batter's eye. He is still only 21 and has a lot of time to learn and grow. He is also a switch hitter, which will make him more deadly when he performs with consistency. Seaon 4 saw him win a Silver Slugger award, as well as an all star nomination. He has dominted the minors thus far, and just recenly made his ML debut. He is a future STUD

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