Monday, July 20, 2009

Season 1 pick#7

With the 7th pick in season 1..Dover chose left handed position player Benny Christians. Benny was scouted as a Juan Pierre type player. He has speed, low power, and the ability to cause any pitcher havoc on the base path. His first 4 seasons in the minors saw him bat between .290-.350 respectively. He had 135 stolen bases in that period of time as well. He made a huge jump from AA to the Majors in season 5. He has struggled with a .252 average, and striking out 117 times in just over 500 at bats, but that will get better will experience. He is a very good hitter against left handers, and 200 hits a season could be very easy for him to reach in the future. I would say he was a very good draft pick. Borderline STUD

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