Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Season 1 pick#17

With the 17th pick, St.Louis chose Cesar Liriano. Now this has to be the Biggest surprise ever. Scouted as a huge impact player, excellent power, contact, splits, batting eye, and having the ability to take a game over. He retired after spending 2 seasons in Rookie Ball. Rumor has it, he was mad about not being promoted. Looking at his numbers, he was definitely "forgotten about" by the owner. In 2 seasons in rookie ball, he hit .420 and .363 ,hit 27 and 32 homers, drove in 112, and 129 runs in those seasons. Both seasons, he won the MVP, Silver Slugger award, and was an all star team member. A definte STUD.....but officially a DUD since he retired due to not being promoted.

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