Friday, July 24, 2009

Season 2 draft "under achievers"

Season 2 also saw a lot of under achievers in the draft. These are the players that have not lived up to their "hype" as of now.

1.Alex Pujols... When you see the name Pujols in any draft, you think greatness. This was the case here as well. Alex was scouted as a ss/if with decent power, contact, very good against right handed pitchers, and the ability to make an impact. So far the only impact he has made, is his hands in the clay while in pottery class. He has shown nothing to make us go "wow".

2.Donald Flores. Donald was also scouted as an if/of with decent numbers. He has hit for average at time in the minors, but really nothing more. He just entered AA this season, and the future could hold something bright for him still. But as of now, he is only a candle flickering in the wind. A 22nd pick, one would think you'd get more out of him than what he has shown thus far.

3.Esteban Rodriguez. Esteban may not to deserve to be on this list, but he did show up on it. He is currently on the DL for over 150 days, and that may become a trend accoring to his health ratings. He has great power, contact, decent splits, and a good batter's eye. I honestly think he can be a regular 30/100 guy if he stays healthy.

4.Drew Adkinson . Drew actually could progress in the near future to be off this list. He was scouted a a good player with decent power, contact, splits, and and the potential to win multiple gold gloves in LF/1B. Drew went from rookie ball to AAA ball, and that may helped in his lack of production since the draft. He still may gel into a fine player, but we have to go by what we see now. He has bounced around from AAA to the ML in the last couple seasons. He did make the all star team in Rookie ball in season 2.

5.Cory Byrdak. Cory was a player that was hit hard when the "new ratings " took place. At the time we had him in our minor league system. He has below average splits, decent control, and 4 so so pitches. He does great in AAA, but when he takes the step up to the big leagues, everything goes astray. His control leaves him, his ERA sky rockets, and he is not the same. He may end up as a career minor leaguer.

6. Alex Seguignol. A complete bust thus far. A career pitcher in the minors with an ERA around 6. He has great stamina, low control, low splits, and 5 pitches. His career mark is 23-43. The future holds a newspaper deliver job for this guy.

7. Alan Reed. Reed is probably going to be a decent player in the future, but has yet to make his mark. He is htting for good average, but has just reached AAA status. A left hander with decent speed. He should probably not be on the list, but time will tell if we are wrong.

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