Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Season 1 picks 26-28

With the 26th pick in the first season draft, Sante Fe chose Dan Forrester. Dan was scouted to be a major contributor to the franchise for years to come. The franchise has questioned where all his signing bonus, and his salary went. The owner said" It sure was not on hitting lessons" This guy has very good power, very good against left handed pitchers, decent against right handers, and has a very good eye. Right now he could not hit the candy out of a pinata . He is listed as a DUD for the draft pick.

With the 27th pick, Mexico City chose Phillip Hawkins. This guy was scouted as a great set-up man, possible long relief, or closer. He has great control, decent splits, and 4 decent pitches. I honestly can say he has done nothing to thrill the fans as of yet. He has no awards, nothing spectacular to show for that huge chip the scouts put on his shoulder. He is a DUD.

With the 28th pick, Texas chose Chuck Tremie. Chuck was scouted as a player with decent power, contact, splits, very good speed, and a good eye. So far he has not proven his worth the last 2 seasons. He has 2 all stas appearances and a Silver Slugger award in his first 3 season in the minors. Seaon 4 and 5 saw little playing time, if at all for the youngster. He could be a very good player, if given the chance. As of now, he has to be called a DUD...

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