Monday, October 25, 2010

Season 10 Draft Review (Cont.)

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Category - The best of the best

4. Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens

Sacramento was unable to sign their first pick, but managed to make do with their other seven first and second round picks. Sacramento picked up the most offense in the draft. Chet Corey has a high offensive ceiling. Andrew Redman could be a solid defensive catcher, but should be great contact hitter with a fantastic eye and affinity for hitting LH pitching. Paul Wills and Jerry Tillman have an outside chance of reaching the Majors. Cy Telford is a nice second round steal, and could be a mid-rotation starter. Jose Goya could be a backup 1B someday.

Internationals: None

3. Fargo Fighters

Lewis Peterson, the draft's third pick, has arguably the highest ceiling of any pitcher in the draft. He features three good pitches, elite velocity, and is especially hard on right handers. His only vice is a lack of great control. Nick Werth has elite defensive potential

Internationals: Edgar Henriquez will struggle with his control, but otherwise has teh potential to be a top-of-the-rotation guy. Ruben Jacquez has an incredibly high defensive ceiling, and could be perfect as a platoon SS. Even if he sees action against RHs, he should be good enough to be a top-half SS.

2. St. Louis Beermen

18-year old Dustan Jackson has the highest ceiling in the draft, and has the potential to be the best player in baseball. He has a long way to go; however, even if he doesn't fulfill his limitless potential, he will still be an elite player barring injury. In an incredibly weak draft, this pick alone lands the Beermen in the top two.

Internationals: None

1. Chicago Puppies

Ned Meyers is currently the most complete pitcher in the draft and will likely be the best. Junior Armas is another SS with elite defensive potential, and could hit enough to stick in the bigs. Hugh Dransfeldt could be a fantastic DH or 1B platoon option against lefties. Ross Stephens likewise has ML potential, especially as a CF platoon option against righties.

Internationals: None

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