Saturday, October 23, 2010

Season 10 Draft Review

This year's draft was disappointing for, well, just about everyone. Initially, the plan was to grade every team's draft, but the grades were so embarrassing, they've been omitted from the review. Internationals will be mentioned, but not factored in the draft's rankings.

This draft saw seventy-two first round picks, a couple of potential stars, a few top-of-the-rotation pitchers, and a very few game-changing hitters. The draft was heavy on defense, and light on greatness.

With that, here are the rankings, from worst to first:

The Milwaukee's Special Reserve Ice Category - Causing headaches after just one

32. Houston Space Cowboys

Houston had six picks in the first three rounds, including four in the first. They signed one player, Reed Rigby. Rigby's ceiling is as a decent defensive SS with no offensive upside. At best, he's a bench player, but it's more likely he'll never see the Majors.

At least he's fast, just like Al Davis likes 'em.

Interationals: None

The Smirnoff Ice Category - For those light on quality and light on testicles

31. New York Primetimers

With only one pick in the first three rounds, the Primetimers had to make their first pick count. They didn't. Alex Beamon, the eleventh pick in the draft, has almost no power and a mediocre eye. He won't strikeout much, and should be OK against LHP, but won't have the glove to play a premium position.

Internationals: None

30. Jackson Rockets

Of the seventy-two first round picks, Jackson had none. Their first pick, Trevor Collier, has a big arm, but not much else. Jackson sneaks ahead of Houston and New York based solely on depth, although their draft is not qualitatively better.

Internationals: Despite spending just $3.7M, Jackson signed three potential ML pitchers: P.T. Arias, Enrique Aguilar, and Yamil Gonzalez.

29. Dover Diamond Dogs

Dover is almost a mirror image of Jackson except with slightly better draftees. Dmitri Monroe is the best.

Internationals: Esteban Estrella should be solid defensively and provide massive power.

28. Richmond Rat Bastids

First round pick Philip Wells is best of the class, but will struggle badly against right handed hitters. He does have a moderately high ceiling, but for a 22-year old, he doesn't have much time to reach it, and he's not nearly ready.

Internationals: None

The Franzia Category - Making you feel sick when you think about last night

27. Cincinnati Red Stockings

First round pick Cozy Powell is a phenomenal defensive catcher with minimal offensive upside. Third round pick Luther Wright has decent upside and fourth round pick Terry Hall projects as a below-average ML bat without a position.

Internationals: 2B Willie Andujar is light on power, but otherwise has ML-starter potential.

26. Minnesota Modern Gentlemen

With four first ronud picks, you would hope for more talent. After being unable to sign sixth pick Dave Burch, the Modern Gents were left with Buddy Palmer, Seop Gong, and J.D. Upshaw in the first. Palmer ceilings out as a light-hitting third baseman. Gong could be a top-tier CF with his potential, but his lack of power will probably keep him from ever being better than a middle-of-the-road player. At best, Upshaw could be a mopup ML reliever.

Internationals: Jose Volquez has some moderate potential, but nothing really exciting.

25. Los Angeles Penguins

First round pick Albert Rodriguez projects as a very good defensive CF, with some offensive potential and good speed. Second round pick Sherman Stark has a decent offensive ceiling, although his value is limited as he projects to be a corner OF, not a CF as once thought. The Penguins added more defense in the third and fourth rounds.

Internationals: Following their draft plan, the Penguins signed Pedro Felix, a projected ligh-hitter with a good glove. Also, LA fleeced us all by stealing Tony Lopez. Lopez has a filthy curveball, and should be very tough on right handers. He could end up being a top-of-the-rotation pitcher.

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