Sunday, October 24, 2010

Season 10 Draft Review (Cont.)

The Don Q Category - Unknown and underrated, but smooth and effective

17. Cheyenne Chiefs

With the fourteenth pick, Cheyenne took 22-year old Reid Aldridge. Aldridge is not flashy, but he should be a solid middle-of-the-rotation pitcher. Supplemental pick Todd Roberts should be a ML reliever, and could be tough on LH hitters. Second round pick Steve O'Brien also ceilings out as a second-tier ML reliever.

Internationals: Dominican Quilvio Trinidad secured $12.0M on the international market, although there were better deals this season. His ceiling is as a middle-of-the-rotation pitcher, although he could be a very strong power/control pitcher.

16. Buffalo Sabres

Johnny Saunders, the Sabres' first round pick, is one of the few corner players in this draft with a decent glove and bat. He projects with good power and a decent eye. Second round pick Dustin Grieve and third round pick Brandon Small both lack power, but are otherwise decent bats.

Internationals: Dominican Edgar Castro has a high defensive ceiling with a good bat. He has a long way to go, however.

15. Nashville Mayhem

Although Nashville was unable to sign its first pick, the draft's fourth, they were able to sign Louie Murphy, an early supplemental pick. Murphy, who has yet to be assigned and is wasting away, has a very high ceiling, with good control, velocity, and three solid pitches. He needs to play to get there, though, and even then it might be difficult. The first of two second ronud picks, Scott Rice, has limited offensive potential, but has a high ceiling as a defensive SS. Don Maxwell has no power or discipline, but is a great contact hitter.

Internationals: Nashville snagged this year's biggest profile international, Albert Pineda, for $22.0M. He has a monstrous ceiling, and if he reaches it, could be the best player in the Majors. Nashville also signed an under-the-radar pitcher, Ozzie Kimura, who may have some limited ML value someday. Coincidentally, he is also the first Japanese Ozzie I've ever heard of.

The Jack Daniels Category - For no other reason than my girlfriend drinks it like a fish

14. Vancouver Canadians

Fifth pick in the draft Arthur Stern has the highest offensive ceiling in the draft, although no better than mediocre defensively. At only 18, however, he is raw, and has a long way to go.

Internationals: Vancouver dropped a ton of cash on Sammy Otanez and Pedro Mijares. Otanez has front end potential, while Mijares probably ceilings out as a mid-rotation guy.

13. Arizona Hammer'd Leprechauns

Arizona signed just one pick in the first five rounds, but it was a good one. 22-year old Homer Butler is a future 150-inning set up man/closer with decent control and a power arm.

Internationals: Arizona has a productive international season, signing pitcher Bengie Martinez for $19.0M, and snagging legitimate CF prospect Paul Tamura
for just $2.2M.

12. Little Rock Lewinskys

First round pick Daniel Haselman is arguably the third most talented starting pitcher in the draft. His ceiling is as a second-tier number one pitcher, although he has a long way to go to reach that. Second round pick Bill Nix also has ML starting rotation potential.

Internationals: Manuel Estrada has closer potential.

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