Saturday, October 23, 2010

Season 10 Draft Review (Cont.)

The London's Dry Gin Category - Palatable, but not preferable

24. Atlanta Expos

The Expos had four first round picks, although none before number 47. Nicholas Herndon has decent power potential and should be able to LH pitching, however his limited glove might restrict him to a corner OF spot. Ernest McConnell has ML potential, although fellow first rounder Bryan Lennon probably does not.

Internationals: None

23. Colorado Abominable Snowmen

First rounder Vasco Mendoza could end up being an elite defensive SS with a pretty solid bat, especially against LH pitching. If Tom Munoz could develop stamina, he could please fans in Colorado, and his girlfriend might be a little happier, too.

Internationals: None

22. Honolulu Haloes

First rounder Trent Park probably won't play a premium position, and his below average power won't play there. 64th pick Ariel Guerrero is a potential steal, and although he won't ever be an ace, he could be a solid pitcher.

Internationals: Harry Manuel could be a solid reliever.

21. Ottawa Renegades

Ottawa was unable to sign its first pick, but did sign supplemental pick Joakim Martinez. Martinez doesn't have great stuff, but is hard on LH hitters and has good control and velocity. Second round pick Daric Marshall rarely strikes out and has a good eye, but limited power for a corner position. Third rounder Abraham Dunn may make a ML roster someday.

Internationals: Ricardo Lugo could be very tough on RH hitters.

The Jose Quervo Category - Most people don't want it, but after you have it, you don't mind

20. Rochester Rolling Rocks

The non-moss gatherers had three first round picks. Willard Lo Duca may be a decent back-end starter someday. Geronimo Martin probably won't. This ranking is based on 71st pick Yunel James, one of the few true MLers found this late in this draft. Perez has true ML potential, although he needs to improve quite a bit as a 22-year old.

Internationals: None

19. Durham Radicals

The Radicals' first two picks were catchers. The 17th pick, Kennie Fister, calls a great game, although his glove is lacking. He won't strike out much, and rakes LH pitching. He will struggle to hit for power and against righties, but his eye should play against everyone. Parker Johnston has a massive defensive ceiling, but has a long way to go. He should hit enough to see the Majors, and has a decent eye. Durham's thir first rounder, Leonardo Schilling, has unlimited defensive potential, but will struggle at the plate. Second round picks Nick Burns and Brook Haselman have a chance to reach the Majors.

Internationals: None

18. Kansas City Tweakers

The Tweakers had two supplemental picks. Fred Mullaney has some control problems, and will struggle against RH hitters, but is otherwise good. At 67, Herb James is a steal. He has a devastating changeup and curve ball, and has great potential for control. He should be solid against RH hitting, and has good velocity. Second round pick Zachrey Valiquette also has some ML potential. Third rounder Davey Guardado has good power and a good eye.

Internationals: Ivan Cairo doesn't strike out, but may not have enough power to play a corner spot.

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