Monday, December 27, 2010

Season 11 Power Rankings - 25 games

Season 11 is underway, and while the elite (Atlanta, Rochester, Houston) remain so, the second guard appears to be changing.

1. Atlanta Expos (18-7) - As usual, the Expos have made a living on the mound. Atlanta has a staggering 2.49 ERA, supplemented by a 1.11 WHIP and .216 OAVG, all of which easily lead the Majors. Carl Sosa is third in the Majors with a 1.60 ERA. Buddy Poole, a recent member of the 500-HR club, is second in the AL with 10 HRs.

2. Charleston Chew (17-8) - It's been a few years coming for the Chew, but Season 8 draft picks Ron Gross and Norman LaPorta are driving the Chew's new-and-improved staff, which sports an NL-leading 3.11 ERA. Gross leads the Majors with a 0.77 ERA and WHIP, and a .136 OAVG.

3. Richmond Rat Bastids (16-9) - Richmond is a well-rounded team of bastids, with the third-best AL ERA (4.15) and third-most runs scored (159). 25-year old Amos Duffy is 10th in the AL in ERA (3.09).

4. Honolulu Haoles (17-8) - The Haoles are fourth in the NL in ERA (3.52) and AVG (.274). The AVG may have to be maintained, however, because they have below average selectivity and patience at the plate. As usual, Alberto Beltre dominates the mound, with a 2.06 ERA (7th NL) and 0.83 WHIP (2nd). Midre Mantalban leads the NL in hits (44).

5. Rochester Rolling Rocks (16-9) - As usual, Rochester has collected no moss, leading the NL in HRs (49) and SLG (.873). Perennial MVP candidate Bill Everhart is 4th in NL in OPS (1.065), and Barry Carew is 5th in WHIP (0.93).

6. Los Angeles Penguins (14-11) - The two-time defending NL West champs have waddled out strong once again, relying on an average pitching staff and good offense to carry them. Four of the top seven OBP leaders in the NL come from the Penguins, so it is not surprising that they are second in the NL in team OBP (.375).

7. Minnesota Modern Gentlemen (16-9) - The Modern Gentlemen politely mix a good offense with an above average staff, all while proving chivalry exists. Nick Valentine (1.149) and Ronald Donnelly (1.083) are 3rd and 5th in AL in OPS, respectively.

8. Cheyenne Chiefs (15-10) - Cheyenne sports the sixth-best NL ERA (3.85) and third-best NL AVG (.283). Like the Haoles, however, they OPS is low for having such a high average. Carlos Hernandez is fifth in NL in ERA (1.95) and fourth in WHIP (0.92). Pedro Lopez carries the offense with 9 HRs (2nd NL), 24 RBIs (1st), .714 SLG (2nd), and a 1.081 OPS (3rd).

9. Little Rock Lewinskys (15-10) - The Lewinskys have cleaned their red dress and sport a new-and-vastly-improved defense, and a dynamic offense. Little Rock leads the NL in hits (279), AVG (.304), OBP (.378), and is second in runs (143), HRs (40), walks (103), SLG (.483), and OPS (.861). Kris Matthews leads the NL with a 1.244 OPS, and Fausto Gonzalez is seventh (1.026).

10. Houston Space Cowboys (16-9) - The cosmic powerhouse is at the top once again, sporting the fifth-best OPS in the AL and a slightly-above average ERA. Superstar Zach Charles is 8th in the AL with a 1.036 OPS.

11. Arizona Hammer'd Leprechauns (15-10) - The mystical lushes' pot of gold will go as far as their explosive offense takes them. Arizona leads the AL in hits (294), and is second in AVG (.303) and runs (164). Mendy Kondou is top five in the AL in just about every offensive category, and is tied with Matthews for the ML lead in OPS (1.244).

12. Dover Diamond Dogs (12-13) - Combining man's and woman's best friend combines for a great name, but combining a good pitchign staff with an average offense lands Dover in the top half of the power rankings. Jim Lee is destroying the Majors with a .430 AVG and .517 OBP, and is second in the NL with a 1.217 OPS.

13. New York Pride of the Yankees (13-12) - The Pride of last year's team, Gordon Oliver, has struggled mightily, and the staff has a while has underperformed badly. As usual, the offense is near the top of the league in most categories, and leads in ops (.865) and SLG (.498). Al Martinez is fourth in the AL with a 1.094 OPS.

14. Durham Radicals (14-11) - Another of the up-and-comers, the Radicals' climb is totally awesome, bro. Durham has both an above average offense and staff. The team, as always, is led by two-time MVP Rafael Benitez, who is having a solid, not spectacular season, and is ninth in the AL in OPS (1.027). 22-year old rookie Shawon Stoops is 14th in OPS (.981), and Roy Jackson is sixth in ERA (2.52).

15. Hartford Huskies (14-11) - The Huskies have mushed their way to a nice record out of the gate after a disappointing Season 10 campaign. The pitching staff isn't good; the offense isn't good; but theyf find ways to win. Chico Villareal has carried the offense so far, and is second in the AL in SLG (.705) and OPS (1.191).

16. Cincinnati Red Stockings (13-12) - All Cincinnati needs in their red stocking is some offense. They have some power, but lack the ability to get on base. Fortunately, they have the second best ERA in the NL (3.34). Raul Escobar, Bob Taylor, and Ismael Ortiz all rank in the top thirteen in the NL in ERA. The offense relies primarily on Dennis Jeffries (6th in OPS) and Marcus Klassen (8th in OPS) for run production.

17. St. Louis Beermen (13-12) - Much like Cincinnati, the drinkers of all that is right struggle on offense while ranking second in their league in ERA. Matty Cabeza is fourth in the AL in ERA (2.03).

18. Ottawa Renegades (12-13) - Another below-average offense, above-average staff slides in at 18. The Renegades aren't real flashy, and have no real standout players, but manage to get the job done on the mound.

19. Sacramento Cornish Hens (11-14) - Unsurprisingly, the immature chickens have started off slow once again. Sammy Alou is second in the NL with a .400 AVG. 33-year old Brandon Chouinard leads the staff with a 2.96 ERA.

20. Kansas City Tweakers (10-15) - Despite an OK run differential, the Tweakers have spazzed their way to a 10-15 start. Kansas City is basically average at everything so far, but has give up 48 HRs already, second worst in the AL.

21. NY Primetimers (11-14) - The Primetimers have not thrived in the spotlight, and have both a below average offense and defense. Andre Moss has been dominant on the hill with a 1.98 ERA and 0.99 WHIP.

22. Milwaukee Bashing Dwarves (11-14) - Proving no match for Leprechauns in a battle of the little people, the Bashing Dwarves have struggled on offense and on the mound so far. Rod Reitsma leads the AL with 12 HRs. Rusty Hogan is third in AL ERA with a 1.89.

23. Boston Massacre (11-14) - Watching a massacre might be more pleasant than watching Boston's offense. Boston is last in AL in AVG, and at the bottom in most categories. Jose Villano is eighth in AL ERA (3.03). Former MVP Johnny Sherman missed some time because of injury, so the offense should start to pick up a little with his return.

24. Madison Marauders (10-15) - The Marauders sport possibly the worst pitching staff in the history of baseball, giving up over seven earned runs per game. They do, however, lead the Majors in HRs (51), and are third in the AL in OPS (.851). The offense will need to keep clicking for this team to have any chance to stay near .500.

25. Fargo Fighters (10-15) - Fargo management may be regretting the above-.500 guarantee issued in spring training. Fargo has struggled both at the plate and on the mound. Heath Forster is third in the NL with a 1.69 ERA.

26. Jackson Rockets (10-15) - Jackson has dominated the NL South for years, but their throttle seems to be slowly pulling back just as Charleston and Little Rock are engaging their boosters. The Rockets' offense is the worst in the Majors. Harry Mieses is doing what he can on the mound, and is second in the NL with a 1.66 ERA.

27. Syracuse Sycophants (9-16) - No one is buying the flattery being spewed by Syracuse. Being below average on offense and bad on the mound lands the Sycophants at 27. Brendan Fowler is 10th in the NL in ERA with a 2.17.

28. Buffalo Bisons (9-16) - The Bisons offense appears to wander the plains aimlessly, and has a league-worst 16 HRs. The pitching staff is slightly-above average, with no real standouts.

29. Helena Handbasket (7-18) - The league's worst record belongs to its most cleverly named. Helena's first year GM didn't have much to work with, and it shows.

30. Vancouver Canadians (8-17) - The wannabe Minnesotans actually don't have collective stats that scream "8-17," but the team finds ways to lose. Chris Kane is 12th in the AL with a .997 OPS. Al Flores actually leads the AL with a 1.56 ERA.

31. Austin Rock Stars (8-17) - Still waiting...

32. Nashville Mayhem (9-16) - The only positive mayhem Nashville experiences is after a Dolly Parton performs the seventh-inning stretch. Nashville has by far the worst staff in the NL, giving up 6.75 earned runs per game.

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