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Cobbfather Power Rankings - Early Season 16

Guido Santucci - Cobbfather Post Gazette

It's still early in season 16 of Cobbfather, but for many teams it's already getting late.  Which teams are channeling their inner He-Man and have the power?  Which teams are channeling their inner girly-men?  Read on and find out.

  1. Houston Space Cowboys, 31-8 - Having the best record in the league and rolling through tough opposition like Kansas City like a machine gun through balloons makes Houston an easy choice for #1.
  2. Rochester Rolling Rocks, 28-11 - Three regulars with an OPS over 1.000?  That's pretty damn impressive, and makes most other teams wish that Al Samuel, Bill Everhart, and Trey Padgett were on their team.
  3. Atlanta Expos, 28-11 - Chris Pendleton is 5-0, with an ERA of 1.53 and a WHIP of .98, making him an early favorite for the Cy Young.
  4. Los Angeles Lunatics, 28-11 - The Lunatics have rod a white hot start to the top of the NL West, and are easily on pace for their first winning season in franchise history if this keeps up.
  5. Richmond Rat Bastids, 27-12 - It must be a shock to the fan base to see the Rat Bastids pitching among the top five in the league after last years stint in Santa Fe.  
  6. Kansas City Tweakers, 25-14 - Getting thumped by Houston and Richmond is reason to get down on this franchise, they are still one of the best in the league.  But it's a good thing they aren't in the AL South though!
  7. Dover Diamond Dogs, 23-16 - Rondell Burks is earning every bit of his 12 million dollar salary, posting MVP caliber numbers thus far. 
  8. Tacoma Termites, 24-15 - Tacoma is pulling away in what has been a sub par AL North thus far this season.  If they keep up the pace they could be in complete control of the division by the All Star break.
  9. Jackson Rockets, 23-16 - If you would have told the Jackson fans that they would be in 1st place 1/4 of the way through the season after publicly declaring they were entering full on rebuild mode, they probably wouldn't have believed you.
  10. Honolulu Haoles - Once again Honolulu is putting together a solid regular season, and is ready to pounce if Los Angeles slips.
  11. Ottawa Renegades, 22-17 - If the season ended today, Ottawa would clinch a wildcard spot, but regardless of that they are on pace for the best season in franchise history.
  12. Boston Massacre, 21-18 - 21 home runs already for Johnny Sherman, can you say All Star?  
  13. Durham Radicals, 20-19 - The Radicals haven't been a threat to finish above .500 since season 1, now they are looking like a potential playoff contender.
  14. Cheyenne Chiefs, 19-20 - Vic Costilla is massively underperforming, if he turns it around then Cheyenne's lineup becomes a lot more dangerous.
  15. Arizona Hammer'd Leprechauns, 19-20 - Arizona would be much better if they didn't have only one starting pitcher with an ERA below 5.80, and you have to think that based simply on the law of averages that will improve.
  16. Charleston Chew, 19-20 - Statistically speaking Charleston is hitting right around the league averages in all categories, and it's reflected in their record.
  17. New York Pride of the Yankees, 18-21 - The Pride have the lineup and pitching to break out of their funk, and their division is still in play.  Ken Evans needs some more run support, he shouldn't be 2-4 with an ERA of 3.28 and a WHIP of 1.08.
  18. Syracuse Sycophants, 18-21 - The lineup is having some production issues, as is the pitching staff.  It's bound to get better, but right now they are having trouble keeping pace.
  19. Buffalo Bison, 18-21 - The young pitching in Buffalo is starting to show signs of their potential, but right now it's Kirk Sanders who is getting it done for the Bison.
  20. Fargo Fighters, 17-22 - Benito Rincon is the hard luck player of the year so far - 9 games started, 1.75 ERA, 1.02 WHIP, 0-2 W-L record.
  21. Cincinnati Red Stockings, 16-23 - Cincy is the best 16-23 team in the league, if for no other reason then that they have Marvin Mays.  But a .211 BA is not what you associate with the perennial MVP candidate, and you have to think that's going to get better, and Cincy along with him.
  22. Chicago Puppies - If Chicago had starters half as good as their bullpen, they would be in 1st place in the division.  But they don't, so they aren't.
  23. Vancouver Canadians, 16-23 - How about some pitching eh?  A team ERA of 5.79 is not looking to sharp right now.
  24. Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens, 15-24 - Once again Sacto is digging an early hole for themselves.  They came back to win the division after similar starts the last two seasons, but they will be pushing their luck with a third run.
  25. New York Primetimers, 15-24 - Another team that is suffering a slow start that is capable of much more.  There must be some chemistry problems in the locker room or something.
  26. Austin Rock Stars, 15-24 - The young blood is taking their lumps while they adjust to the bigs, but unlike the big payrolls above them with the same record, at least they are about where they are supposed to be.
  27. Minnesota Modern Gentlemen, 15-24 - The new owner has admitted that he lacks patience, so it's a good thing he'll have plenty of time to work on that this season.
  28. Nashville Mayhem, 15-24 - Jack  Bottalico is having a very fine season in the twilight of his career, and is a nice reason to follow the Mayhem this season.
  29. Colorado Abominable Snowmen, 15-24 - The pitching has been abominable for Colorado this season, which is why the find themselves near the bottom of the rankings.
  30. Burlington Huskies, 14-25 - Talk about a disappointing opening, after putting 95 million into the payroll the management must be disgusted with the performance of the team, but you can't blame the GM for this one, it's all the players.
  31. San Juan Chinchillas. 13-26 - Chip James, Kris Matthews, nothing else to see here, move along.
  32. St. Louis Beermen, 8-31 - What can be said about St. Louis that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan?

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