Monday, February 16, 2009

Season 4 Preview - Playoff Predictions

Leon Jackson - Cobbfather Post Gazette
Shenaynay - Special Correspondent from the Psychic Friends Network

Well, now that the crystal ball has shown us what the regular season holds, let's see if this thing has enough juice left to show us what's going to happen in the playoffs. Alas, low and behold, the cloud of mystery is clearing, revealing the secrets of the Season 4 playoffs we all want to know! Here's what the future holds for Season 4's playoff teams.

National League Playoffs
Let’s start off with the play-in round, we have #6 Dover vs. #3 New York…we say the Primetimers take this series, and we also like #4 Rochester over #5 Huntington. In the DCS round, #3 New York takes on #2 Jackson. New York takes a close series to advance to the LCS. Then we have #4 Rochester vs. #1 Sacramento. The Fighting Cornish Hens take this one, leaving us #3 New York vs. #1 Sacramento in the LCS. Prime time ends with the LCS, as Sacramento repeats as NL Champs!

American League Playoffs
The play-in round kicks off with #6 Burlington vs. #3 New York and amazingly we pick domi to actually win a playoff series, and New York advances. We’ll take #5 Texas to defeat the AL West Champ #4 Oakland in a tight series. On to the Divisional Round, which starts off with #3 New York vs. the 3-time AL Champs #2 Chicago. Bad news Chicagoans, the World Series drought is starting up again, as #3 New York pulls off the upset. #5 Texas’s stacked lineup doesn’t come through vs. the tough pitching of #1 Florida, and Florida advance to the LCS. Which leaves us with New York vs. Florida in the LCS. After 10 pages of trash talk on the World Chat board, the series begins, and like the World Series draught in Chicago, domi’s playoff losing resumes as well. Florida takes it finally advancing to the World Series!

World Series
The two most dominant regular season teams in each of their leagues since Cobbfather began finally get to square off in the World Series. Sacramento has been here before and lost, will they rebound? Florida’s regular season record and pitching stats have been unmatched, but they’ve been tripped up in the playoffs. Will their first World Series be a success? Obviously this will be a tight matchup of two powerhouse teams. And the Gazette predicts the winner to be…Sacramento! The Fighting Hens take the title in their 2nd go around, when Florida’s relievers blow a ninth inning lead in Game 7. rawdk contemplates tossing his computer in the Atlantic, but decides against it and returns with a vengeance in Season 5.

Hope you enjoyed the Season 4 Preview, best of luck to all teams in Season 4. I'm sure some owners are out to prove their prediction wrong, unfortunately for them, their future has already been decided. ha, ha, haaaaaaaa.

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