Saturday, February 14, 2009

Season 4 Preview - NL South

Leon Jackson - Cobbfather Post Gazette
Shenaynay - Special Correspondent from the Psychic Friends Network

From the loudest division in Cobbfather to the quietest, the NL South. This division features a number of quiet assassins who are building contenders. Although klown61455 may be trying to change the division's reputation, as he was seen mixing it up on the chat board earlier this offseason. On to the preview!


4. Charleston Chew
Last Season: 60-102

Shenaynay’s crystal ball shows: mmmmmm...Candy!

Gazette says: This franchise is under new ownership, and we've seen them make some positive moves in the offseason with both trades and free agent signings. We expect a major improvement this year for the Chew, unfortunately they play in a division with 3 other very good teams, so we still pick them to finish 4th. But this will be a lot tougher team to beat than they were last year.

Psychic Friends Network prediction: 77-85, 4th place
Vegas Odds to win it all: 70-1

3. Memphis Mayhem
Last Season: 84-78

Shenaynay’s crystal ball shows: A little less Mayhem in Memphis this season

Gazette says: The Mayhem management continues to build a strong team that revolves around some pretty hefty bats. The Memphis lineup is emerging into one of the better offenses in the league. The pitching staff is coming along as well, although isn't at the same level of some of their divisional rivals. Overall, we see Memphis making strides with their team, and are closer than ever to competing with the big guns in the division.

Psychic Friends Network prediction: 88-74, 3rd place
Vegas Odds to win it all: 25-1

2. Huntington Liberators
Last Season: 99-63

Shenaynay’s crystal ball shows: A coat of arms

Gazette says: Huntington is the polar opposite of Memphis, with the franchise being built primarily around pitching, and pitching that is very good indeed. Their staff should be good enough to lead them to another very good season. Not to completely discount their offense, who does have some good bats, and is underrated, as they tend to play small ball and don't have the mind blowing power numbers. All in all, we see another solid campaign ahead for Huntington.

Psychic Friends Network prediction: 92-70, 2nd place
Vegas Odds to win it all: 15-1

1. Jackson Rockets
Last Season: 99-63

Shenaynay’s crystal ball shows: Houston, we still have lift off! Except from Jackson this time!

Gazette says: Jackson is probably the most complete team in the division, with a strong balance of pitching and hitting. We think their offense isn't as good as Memphis, and their pitching isn't as good Huntington, but that they have the winning combination with a nice balance of both. The Gazette investigative team is trying to get the scoop on the move from Houston to Jackson - more in tonight's special evening edition, if we find anything out.

Psychic Friends Network prediction: 95-67, 1st place
Vegas Odds to win it all: 12-1


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