Saturday, February 14, 2009

Season 4 Preview - NL North

Leon Jackson - Cobbfather Post Gazette
Shenaynay - Special Correspondent from the Psychic Friends Network

Welcome to the Season 4 preview. Obviously, a top notch psychic is necessary for these predictions, unfortunately Miss Cleo has better things to do than baseball previews, so she sent her apprentice Shenaynay once again. Let's get the lay of the land for season 4, starting with the NL North, where the 3 time champions, now the Detroit Shockers, are looking to hold their ground against some up and coming teams.


4. Ottawa Renegades
Last Season: 60-102

Shenaynay’s crystal ball shows: An Ottawa Senators hockey is back on top for now..but they still love their Renegades

Gazette says: The Renegades took a bit of a step backward last season in terms of record, and appear to be in full rebuild mode. We look for them to continue to rebuild this season, adding a few IFA's and draft picks to build up their minors. Their future is still a couple of seasons away.

Psychic Friends Network prediction: 63-99, 4th place
Vegas Odds to win it all: 125-1

3. Syracuse Sycophants
Last Season: 79-83

Shenaynay’s crystal ball shows: Orange continues to cover the crystal ball at a more rapid pace.

Gazette says: OK, so we don't know for sure that Syracuse's colors are orange. Syracuse took a nice step forward last season, improving their record by 10 games. They've got a good core of offensive players, but their pitching still needs some improvement - but hatton98 is doing a nice job of building the team.

Psychic Friends Network prediction: 80-82, 3rd place
Vegas Odds to win it all: 65-1

2. Detroit Shockers
Last Season: 88-74

Shenaynay’s crystal ball shows: A shocking revelation - there's a new NL North division champ in the future!

Gazette says: Korruptkings takes over the franchise that is the 3 time defending division champ in the NL North. And he didn't enter the league quietly, making a couple of huge signings in the offseason. While those signings will help them be very competitive this season, we don't think it's enough for a 4th straight division title. The team was built for a hitters park, and moved to a pitchers park, which will take some adjustment. Still, Detroit will be a very good team.

Psychic Friends Network prediction: 85-77, 2nd place
Vegas Odds to win it all: 20-1

1. Rochester Rolling Rocks
Last Season: 71-91

Shenaynay’s crystal ball shows: Cobbfather owners running at a frantic pace, trying to dodge the giant rolling rocks about to crush them!

Gazette says: Rochester was one of the most improved teams in Cobbfather in Season 3, and we see them continuing to take steps forward this season. yanks21 has built a stacked minor league system, and as they hit the majors, Cobbfather owners best beware. Rochester is on the verge of being a dominant team for several seasons to come. While they still have another season or two until they are amongst the league's elite, we think they're good enough to take the NL North this season.

Psychic Friends Network prediction: 90-72, 1st place
Vegas Odds to win it all: 15 -1


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