Friday, December 16, 2016

Season 33 Offseason Free Agency Tracker

The hot stove season is here as Season 33 kicks off.  Check back here to see where all the top free agents end up!

Old New Contract
Rank Player Pos Age Team Team Amount Years
1 Francisco Aramboles SP 33 ATL CHY $110.0 M 5
Comments: The multiple time Cy Young Award winner is the top prize this class
2 Yeico Oliva SP 33 ATL CHY $86.0 M 5
Comments: Another former Cy Young winner who still looks like an ace
3 Dizzy Leonard SP 31 CSP CSP $30.0 M 5
Comments: Dizzy a FA?  Say it ain't so!  Great SP and a legend in CSP
4 Fergie Lockwood  SP 33 ATL NAS $51.7 M 4
Comments: Yet another very strong SP, he's a top line starter in most rotations
5 Timothy Steinbach 1B 32 ATL PAW $60.0 M 5
Comments: The former MVP is easily the best bat available in this class
6 Albert Pineda LF 32 FLA FLA $25.1 M 3
Comments: Great hitting multiple time All-Star, but how he ages is a concern
7 Al Balentien RP 29 HOU MTY $44.8 M 5
Comments: This lights out RP has excellent ratings and decent DUR/STA
8 Troy Hudek RP 33 ATL CHA $34.0 M 4
Comments: Excellent track record and ratings and is one of the best RPs around
9 Alex Salas  2B 31 STL CSP $16.8 M 3
Comments: Nice ratings, but surprising low career #s.  Can he turn it around?
10 Santo Manuel SP 25 NY1 KC $21.0 M 4
Comments: Good middle of the rotation type, decent career ERA, and only 25!
11 Willie Esposito 3B 32 RIC LA $4.0 M 2
Comments: Has a nice bat and fielding ratings, age and injury a slight concern
12 Everth Sosa CF 30 BUF BOI $30.0 M 4
Comments: A good bat for CF with decent speed and excellent fielding ability 
13 Jonny Bonds SP 32 PAW FAR $18.4 M 4
Comments: Great pitch command and control, good GB, LH split a weakness
14 Willie Zorrilla SP 29 MIN LA $9.2 M 2
Comments: Elite pitch command, strong control, gives up fly balls, still solid 
15 Felipe Barrios RP 27 NY1 FLA $40.0 M 5
Comments: Outstanding ratings and great career #s, but low stamina
16 Bryant Landrum  SP 33 FLA MTY $35.6 M 5
Comments: Poor pitch command but great otherwise, and career #s are good
17 Raul Mantalban 2B 27 CIN MIN $27.2 M 4
Comments: Excellent career #s, despite poor RH split, and a plus fielder
18 Marvin Stahl 1B 27 POR SAL $1.2 M 1
Comments: Low power for a 1B, but very good hitter, and age is a plus
19 Eric Douglas SP 32 MIN ATL $6.0 M 2
Comments: Splits are mediocre, Pitches are ok, great control, should be useful
20 Danny McPherson RP 31 BOS HOU $3.0 M 2
Comments: Coming off a nice season, career #s still mediocre, but great ratings
21 Nigel Shumpert LF 29 LA BOI $1.2 M 1
Comments: Just a solid, yet not spectacular bat, #s are are good for the class
22 Sean Dahl C 31 ATL CSP $16.8 M 3
Comments: Great ratings, strong C, but huge injury risk and career #s not great
23 Bonk Cookson 3B 29 DET BOS $28.0 M 5
Comments: Nice power and eye, but poor contact and average defensively for 3B
24 Stan Ford LF 32 BOI MTY  $18.0 M 3
Comments: Still a solid bat and career #s are competitve for what's out there
25 Rico Mantalban 1B 34 FLA MIN $1.4 M 1
Comments: Nice bat with plus power, should be a nice add, although aging

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