Thursday, December 1, 2016

Season 32 Wrap Up - Cheyenne Wins it All!

Cheyenne Warriors (AL)
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Cheyenne takes the Season 32 crown!

Another Cobbfather World Series is in the books and this time it's Cheyenne that came out on top, with perhaps one of the most difficult routes to the title in Cobbfather history, defeating 3 100-win teams en route to claiming this season's crown!  Cheyenne's 102-win season only netted them a wildcard berth, as division rival Salem edged them out for the division title.  After defeating Fargo in the play-in round, they squeezed out a 3-2 win over top seed Texas, which advanced them to the ALCS against division rival Salem.  This time Cheyenne prevailed in a hard-fought 6-game battle.  They then had to conquer defending champion Montgomery, which they did in a 7-game duel.  Cheyenne post an impressive .802 team postseason OPS, with consistent, solid production throughout their lineup. That, along with solid pitching, allowed them to overcome a few bullpen blowups to take the title.  This is yanks21's first title in Cheyenne, 4th overall in Cobbfather, and most impressively, 30th total in HBD.  Wow!

Thanks everyone for a great season, and we'll see you back for Season 33 after a hopefully quick rollover!

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