Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Season 32 Offseason Free Agency Tracker

Season 32 is upon us, and the free agency signing period is in full swing!  Although it's a pretty underwhelming free agent class that lacks star power, there's still some good players to be had!  Check back here periodically to see where all the top free agents land this offseason!

Old New Contract
Rank Player Pos Age Team Team Amount Years
1 Thomas Lyon SP 31 BUF MIL $47.5 M 5
Comments: Very reliable workhorse, but not a typical #1 FA staff ace 
2 Paul Burroughs SP 31 NY1 CLE $20.0 M 3
Comments: Lacks stamina, and splits are just ok, but rest of his ratings are great 
3 Walker Houston LF 28 CHY ATL $11.7 M 3
Comments: Great splits, elite batting eye and speed with some power, and only 28
4 Enrique Garces LF 34 ATL STL $19.4 M 4
Comments: He's aging, but still outstanding all-around, so he's still a very good asset
5 Ed Flair RP 27 NY1 PAW $50.5 M 5
Comments: Elite control and RH split, and nice stamina for a RP, and age is a plus
6 Skip Martin 3B 31 DOV MIL $22.3 M 3
Comments: Gold Glove caliber 3B with nice power, but low RH split and batting eye
7 Jesus Sanchez SP 31 DET TRE $61.1 M 5
Comments: Another reliable, but not ace starter, great control with mediocre splits
8 Michael Mancuso  C 30 TRE MTY $26.1 M 4
Comments: Good bat and serviceable as a C with a nice track record of past success
9 Erubiel Sosa LF 33 RIC CLE $5.8 M 2
Comments: Great speed/BR combo with nice splits, but lacks power for a LF type
10 Danny McPherson RP 30 BOS BOS $1.0 M 1
Comments: Seems to be underperforming his ratings, so there could be some upside
11 Harvey Talbot 3B 32 STL ATL $8.8 M 2
Comments: Passable as a 3B and a solid hitter with nice career numbers at the plate
12 Kevin Thurman RP 28 BUF BUF $1.2 M 1
Comments: Extremely durable reliever, weak RH split hasn't hurt his numbers so far
13 Stan Ford LF 31 LV LV $1.8 M 1
Comments: Solid all-around hitter who should put up decent numbers and a good LF
14 Willie Guerrero SP 34 CHR SAL $3.8 M 1
Comments: Pretty good ratings across the board, although low stamina will limit IP
15 Alex Alfonzo RP 38 LV LV $13.0 M 2
Comments: The ageless wonder still looks strong and could be a top setup guy again
16 Alving Henriquez 2B 28 TEX BOS $2.5 M 1
Comments: Was mostly a bench player for a loaded TEX squad, but could start
17 Sid Townsend RP 34 SLC LV $13.8 M 3
Comments: Ratings are good across the board, could be a good closer type 
18 Doc Kramer RP 30 CLE MTY $22.5 M 3
Comments: Plus ratings and splits, throws hard, although pitches don't rate high
19 Jiggs Schwartz 2B 30 CSP CSP $19.4 M 4
Comments: Excellent fielding 2B with a good batting eye and decent speed
20 Zephyr Field 3B 28 MTY ATL $6.8 M 2
Comments: Decent hitting ratings across the board, and looks to be solid in the field. 
21 Al Albaladejo RF 30 NY2 FAR $1.0 M 1
Comments: Elite batting eye, but lacking power for a corner OF, still solid though
22 Larry Sisco RP 27 LA CLE $4.8 M 2
Comments: Could be a useful RP, weak RH split is a concern, but solid otherwise
23 Dario Priest RF 29 LV SAL $3.8 M 2
Comments: Speedy RF with great range, but questionable glove for CF
24 Santiago Arroyo C 33 FLA ATL $3.2 M 2
Comments: Pretty solid defensively as a catcher and a plus-plus batting eye as well
25 Matty Gonzales SP 30 IA CHA $16.2 M 3
Comments: Interesting SP that keeps the ball down, but weak control is a concern

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