Thursday, August 18, 2016

Season 31 Awards Recap

The hardware has been handed out for Season 31, so let's take a look at who won!

American League - Willie Cerda, Texas - .286 AVG 48 HR 130 RBI
The powerhouse slugger behind Cobbfather's #1 ranked team takes home his second straight AL MVP, which is also his 5th overall, a feat no other player in Cobbfather history has accomplished. Cerda also made his 5th All-Star appearance, while leading the AL in runs this season.  He also hit his 600th career home run. Oddly enough, this season was one of Cerda's worst out of the past several and he still takes home the MVP!  Cerda is truly one of the all-time Cobbfather greats.

National League - Don Sparks, Cleveland - .294 AVG 51 HR 120 RBI 27 SB
Sparks was won the NL MVP for the second straight year, giving him 3 MVP's overall.  The kicker is, he's only 25!  Guess he has his eyes on the record just set by his AL counterpart.  Sparks led the NL in Home Runs and Hits, and also won his 3rd Silver Slugger award in Season 31.  He's accomplished more through his Age 25 season than most do their entire career.  It will be interesting to see how many honors he ends up racking up.

American League - Chick Munson, Texas - 17-6 2.80 ERA 212 K
Winning by a single vote, the Texas hurler Munson finally took home his first Cy Young award after a number of outstanding seasons.  He lead the AL in WHIP and tied for the league lead in shutouts with 3.  Looking over his career stats, it's amazing this is his first Cy Young win.  It just shows what incredible competition there is for the trophy.  At only age 27, he could still win another or even multiple trophies in the future.

National League - Quilvio Odor, Montgomery - 20-5 2.68 ERA 175 K
It's a first-time winner in the NL too, as the 23 year-old Montgomery lefty takes home the trophy. After a shaky rookie campaign, Odor came back in his second season to lead the NL in Wins and Quality Starts will posting tremendous ERA and WHIP numbers.  He also made his 1st All-Star appearance this season.  Odor seems to have a tremendous future ahead of him, with this season appearing to match his abilities more than his rookie campaign.

American League - Cla White, Charleston - 2.70 ERA 27 SV 77 K
It's the Charleston closer who was named Rookie of the Year, who pitched some in middle relief as well and excelled in both roles.  White is a hard throwing righty with excellent command and good pitch quality with an ability to keep the ball on the ground.  It's hard to find weaknesses in his make-up and it seems he should be one of the top relievers in Cobbfather for seasons to come, whether it be in middle relief or as a closer.

American League - Pedro Castillo, New York - 14-5 2.82 ERA 125 K
The 24 year-old crafty lefty from New York took home the NL Rookie of the Year trophy, baffling batters while putting up great numbers this season.  The number 34 pick in the Season 28 draft is showing so far that he was a steal.  He looks like he'll be extremely solid going forward, with no major weaknesses in his arsenal, although limited durability will prevent him from being a workhorse. Castillo also made the All-Star team this season.

American League - Bob Berg, Cheyenne - 1.27 ERA, 44 SV, 1st win
National League - Juan Belliard, Trenton, 1.82 ERA, 43 SV, 1st win

American League
DH Albert Cruz Milwaukee 9th
C Sean Dahl Atlanta 2nd
1B Michael Henn Pawtucket 2nd
2B Wandy Guillen Cheyenne 1st
3B Junior Roberts Cheyenne 1st
SS Philip Vasquez Cheyenne 2nd
LF Vic Park Texas 1st
CF Raul Galvez Salem 2nd
RF Vladimir Troncoso Texas 5th

National League
P Victor Elcano Houston 1st
C Derrick Frank Dover 1st
1B Don Sparks Cleveland 3rd
2B Oswaldo Blanco Vancouver 3rd
3B Willie Tejeda New York 1st
SS Kirt Raggio Chicago 2nd
LF Felipe Bennett Chicago 1st
CF Hod Haynes Vancouver 1st
RF Wiki Unamuno Montgomery 3rd

American League
P Yeico Oliva Atlanta 2nd
C Christopher Martin Milwaukee 1st
1B Alex Mercedes Atlanta 2nd
2B Davey Wilkins Montreal 1st
3B Tony Cassevah Salem 1st
SS Ubaldo Trevino Montreal 3rd
LF Donaldo Javier Pawtucket 1st
CF Wilfredo Rincon Boston 2nd
RF Patrick Browne Iowa City 1st

National League
P Groucho Leiter New York 1st
C Garland Cirillo Monterrey 1st
1B Stan Ford Las Vegas 2nd
2B Ching-Lung Suzuki Louisville 4th
3B Cesar Rosado Houston 1st
SS Ugueth Perez Montgomery 1st
LF Pepper Gonzales Louisville 1st
CF J.T. Constanza Trenton 1st
RF Dario Priest Las Vegas 1st

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