Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Season 28 League Leaders

With the playoffs in full swing, let's take a look back at the Season 28 League Leaders from the Regular Season!

In the American League, Marcell Johnson of Texas won the batting title (.335) and also led the league in runs (133).  Teammate Aurelio Lima led the league in Slugging (.602) and OPS (1.004).

On the NL side, the leaderboard is dominated by Wiki Unamuno of Santa Fe (leader in Batting Average, Hits and Runs) and Willie Cerda of Buffalo (OBP, Slugging and OPS leader).

Here are the complete Offensive League Leaders!

American League
Batting Average Marcell Johnson Texas .325
Home Runs Thurman Hall Charleston 55
RBI Albert Cruz Cincinnati 144
Stolen Bases Shea Callaway Cheyenne 79
Hits Claude Hughes New York 197
Runs Marcell Johnson Texas 133
OBP Vic Crowe Colorado Springs .406
SLG Aurelio Lima Texas .602
OPS Aurelio Lima Texas 1.004
National League
Batting Average Wiki Unamuno Santa Fe .336
Home Runs Dorian Whitaker Seattle 51
RBI Edinson Hernandez Santa Fe 139
Stolen Bases Felipe Barrett Hartford 55
Hits Wiki Unamuno Santa Fe 205
Runs Wiki Unamuno Santa Fe 140
OBP Willie Cerda Buffalo .425
SLG Willie Cerda Buffalo .671
OPS Willie Cerda Buffalo 1.096

In the American League, it was a disappointing season for Atlanta's Francisco Aramboles, as he did not lead the AL in Saves.  Other than that, he held at least a share of the lead for every other major category (ERA, Wins, Strikeouts, WHIP, IP, QS, Shutout leader, CG co-leader).  His 253 strikeouts were 5th most all-time, and he now owns the top 5 single season strikeout marks.  His 30 quality starts tie him for 2nd all-time, becoming only the 5th player to reach 30 quality starts in a season all-time.  I think we have a favorite for the Cy Young here!

In the National League, there wasn't a single dominant pitcher like in the AL, but a few great seasons were had nonetheless. Chick Munson of Nashville led the league in ERA and strikeouts. Don Monahan of Las Vegas makes the leaders list once again, leading the NL in WHIP and was a co-leader in Complete Games.  Seattle's Albert Tapies also was a co-leader in Complete Games and led the NL in shutouts.

Here are the complete Pitching League Leaders!

American League
ERA Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 2.13
Wins Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 22
Strikeouts Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 253
Saves Antonio Ishida Chicago 47
WHIP Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 0.96
Innings Pitched Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 270.2
Quality Starts Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 30
Complete Games Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 7
Randall Washington  Texas 7
Steve Buckner Charlotte 7
Shutouts Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 3

National League
ERA Chick Munson Nashville 2.29
Wins Red Collins Florida 21
Strikeouts Chick Munson Nashville 224
Saves Rodrigo Ontiveros Las Vegas 44
WHIP Don Monahan Las Vegas 0.94
Innings Pitched Paulie Flynn Seattle 234.2
Quality Starts Douglas Banks Buffalo 27
Complete Games Albert Tapies Seattle 4
Carl Young Philadelphia 4
Don Monahan Las Vegas 4
Shutouts Albert Tapies Seattle 3

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