Friday, November 13, 2015

Season 28 Award Winners

With the World Series under way, that means the Award Winners were announced for Season 28.  Let's see who took home the hardware!

American League - Vladimir Troncoso, Texas - .314 AVG 34 HR 141 RBI 12 SB
The offensive leader of the AL World Series representative, Texas, takes home the MVP by a fairly substantial margin.  Troncoso, who started for the AL All-Star team in RF, had a tremendous season at the plate as a key part of Cobbfather's top offense.  This is the 29 year-old's first MVP win.  He's flourished in his four seasons in Texas, having at least 34 HR and 130 RBI each of those seasons.

National League - Dorian Whitaker, Seattle - .280 AVG 51 HR 125 RBI 25 SB
The NL MVP is also from a World Series representative, as Whitaker crushed an NL leading 51 homers in a tough park for hitters and also swiped 25 bags.  Whitaker didn't make the All-Star team but came on to win Player of the Week twice towards the end of the season.  The 25 year-old looks like he will be the leader of the Seattle offense for seasons to come.  It was Whitaker's first MVP win.

American League - Francisco Aramboles, Atlanta - 22-6 2.13 ERA 253 K
This was pretty much a no-brainer, as Aramboles led the AL in pretty much every pitching category.  Fired up by a preseason article rating him the #7 pitcher in Cobbfather, he used that motivation to put together a season for the ages.  This is his 3rd Cy Young win, and now holds the top 5 single season strikeout marks in Cobbfather history.  He is a sure-fire Hall of Famer, the question now is can he go down as the greatest pitcher ever in Cobbfather.

National League - Don Monahan, Las Vegas - 17-7 2.31 ERA 175 K
In an extremely close race, it was Monahan who came out with the NL Cy Young Award, a win that gives him his 4th Cy Young, a feat only accomplished by 3 other pitchers in Cobbfather history.  Monahan had a solid season leading the NL in WHIP, tying for the lead in Complete Games and making his 7th All-Star team.  Even though he is 35, he has aged well and looks in good shape to shoot for #5 next season.

American League - Co-Winners
Yeico Miranda, Durham - 2.59 ERA 29 SV
Ned Morris, New York - 7-3 2.12 ERA 101 K 5 SV
No one AL rookie stood out to the voters this season, resulting in an extremely tight race that saw two relievers end up as co-winners, one vote ahead of 3rd place.  Miranda had an outstanding season as Durham's closer, and should be one of the top relievers in the world for seasons to come.  Morris served in a setup role, putting up outstanding numbers.  Neither player's performance was a fluke, both should be tremendous relievers for seasons to come.

National League - Edinson Hernandez, Santa Fe - .305 AVG 37 HR 139 RBI 44 SB
The NL Rookie of the Year picture was much clearer, as Santa Fe's Hernandez won in a landslide.  Hernandez was an All-Star starter in his rookie campaign, a feat that is quite difficult to accomplish.  He took advantage of Santa Fe's hitter friendly park to put up great numbers and used his elite speed to wipe 44 bases.  He played in all 162 games, and actually finished 2nd in the MVP voting.  It appears this certainly won't be the last time we see Hernandez as an MVP finalist.

American League - Antonio Ishida, Chicago - 2.37 ERA, 49 SV - 2nd win
National League - Chris Rivera, Dover - 2.93 ERA, 40 SV - 1st win

American League
Player Franchise
DH Albert Cruz Cincinnati 7th
C Santiago Arroyo St. Louis 2nd
1B Aurelio Lima Texas 1st
2B Vic Crowe Colorado Springs 3rd
3B Marcell Johnson Texas 1st
SS James Dillard Charlotte 7th
LF Shea Callaway Cheyenne 1st
CF Gary Harvey Colorado Springs 4th
RF Vin Gandarillas Chicago 3rd
National League
Player Franchise
P Vinny Parker Las Vegas 1st
C Benny Franco Hartford 3rd
1B Dorian Whitaker Seattle 1st
2B Crash Cepeda Florida 1st
3B Vic Castro Vancouver 2nd
SS Walter Bird Seattle 1st
LF Jim Hume Florida 2nd
CF Tony Mercado Las Vegas 2nd
RF Wiki Unamuno Santa Fe 2nd

American League
Player Franchise
P Louis Markakis Charlotte 1st
C Jim Woods Cheyenne 2nd
1B Edgardo Rosa Durham 1st
2B Dizzy Hawkins Atlanta 1st
3B Alving Palmeiro Colorado Springs 3rd
SS Harry De La Rosa Colorado Springs 1st
LF Vinny Dickinson Atlanta 1st
CF Wilfredo Rincon Chicago 1st
RF Rubby Javier Boston 1st
National League
Player Franchise
P Geronimo Lopez Vancouver 1st
C Garry Dunston Houston 1st
1B Felipe Bennett Hartford 1st
2B Keith Smith Tacoma 1st
3B Joe Foster Las Vegas 5th
SS Wilfredo Javier Las Vegas 4th
LF Jim Hume Florida 1st
CF Ching-Lung Suzuki Nashville 2nd
RF Albert Pineda Florida 1st

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