Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Season 28 All-Star Coverage

The All-Star break is upon us in Season 28, let's take a look at who made this year's All-Star squads!

In the American League, the squad is led by Atlanta pitcher Thomas Hutchinson, making his 7th All-Star appearance.  He wasn't the only member of the Atlanta pitching staff to make the team, as Atlanta had 6 players make the team, tying Texas, who also had 6 All-Stars, for the highest representation on the AL All-Star squad.  10 different teams are represented on the AL squad, which includes 7 1st time All-Stars.

In the National League, making their 7th appearance each are Las Vegas pitcher Don Monahan and Los Angeles hurler Lyle Wallace.  Las Vegas and Florida tied for the most players on the NL squad with 5.  14 different teams are represented on the NL All-Star squad, with 17 players making their 1st All-Star appearance.

Here are the complete rosters, congratulations to those who had players make the team!

Player Team Appearance
C Daisuke Masato Chicago 1st
1B Vic Park Atlanta 4th
2B Hootie Cookson Chicago 3rd
3B Marcell Johnson Texas 2nd
SS Stan Demel Texas 3rd
LF Shea Callaway Cheyenne 1st
CF Gary Harvey Colorado Springs 3rd
RF Vladimir Troncoso Texas 5th
DH Albert Cruz Cincinnati 6th

Player Team Appearance
P Antonio Ishida Chicago 4th
P Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 5th
P Yeico Oliva Atlanta 3rd
P Thomas Hutchinson Atlanta 7th
P Jiggs Cuddyer Boston 2nd
P Dizzy Leonard Colorado Springs 2nd
P Troy Hudek Atlanta 2nd
P Tony Mota St. Louis 2nd
P Randall Washington Texas 2nd
P Juan Seanez Colorado Springs 4th
P Ben Lincoln Chicago 2nd
P Kelvin Collins New York 1st
P Ned Morris New York 1st

Player Team Appearance
C Eric Miclat Colorado Springs 1st
1B Aurelio Lima Texas 2nd
2B Joshua Hendrick Texas 5th
3B Marshall Leach Atlanta 1st
SS Michael Stokes Detroit 1st
LF Mack Lindblom St. Louis 1st
CF Alfonso Rijo Boston 2nd
RF Vin Gandarillas Chicago 4th

AL All-Stars by Team
Atlanta 6
Texas  6
Chicago 5
Colorado Springs 4
Boston 2
New York 2
St. Louis 2
Cheyenne 1
Cincinnati 1
Detroit 1

Player Team Appearance
C Benny Franco Hartford 5th
1B Edinson Hernandez Santa Fe 1st
2B Raul Mantalban Hartford 1st
3B Vic Castro Vancouver 2nd
SS Skip Martin Syracuse 1st
LF Sam Becker Syracuse 1st
CF Heath Kelly Florida 2nd
RF Albert Pineda Florida 2nd

Player Team Appearance
P Chris Rivera Dover 1st
P Rodrigo Ontiveros Las Vegas 7th
P Artie Stone Vancouver 3rd
P Red Collins Florida 1st
P Douglas Banks Buffalo 6th
P Don Monahan Las Vegas 7th
P Lyle Wallace Los Angeles 7th
P Yordano Oropesa Salt Lake City 2nd
P Bryant Landrum Florida 1st
P Jacob Wang Las Vegas 1st
P Anthony Bradford Tacoma 1st
P Alex Quinones Houston 1st
P Dwight Ramsey Buffalo 1st
P Felix Tanaka Philadelphia 1st

Player Team Appearance
C Stan Dickens Vancouver 5th
1B Felipe Bennett Hartford 1st
2B Freddy Chang Seattle 1st
3B Joe Foster Las Vegas 3rd
SS Yannick Martin Dover 1st
LF Jim Hume Florida 1st
CF Tony Mercado Las Vegas 2nd
RF Zachrey Riggs Vancouver 1st

NL All-Stars by Team
Florida 5
Las Vegas 5
Vancouver 4
Hartford 3
Buffalo 2
Dover 2
Syracuse 2
Houston 1
Los Angeles 1
Philadelphia 1
Salt Lake City 1
Santa Fe 1
Seattle 1
Tacoma 1

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