Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Season 27 League Leaders

With Season 27's regular season is in the books, let's see who finished as the league leaders!

In the AL, the offensive league leaders board was dominated by two players. Joshua Hendrick of Texas tied for the league lead in Hits and led the league in Runs and OBP.   3-time MVP Albert Cruz of Cincinnati did his best to make a strong case for his 4th, leading the league in Home Runs, RBI, SLG and OPS.

In the NL, Kansas City's Benny Lee led the league in Hits and OBP.   While, this postseason's most talked about player, Ahmed Ratliff of Philadelphia led the NL in Home Runs, RBI, Slugging and OPS, yet still wasn't a finalist for MVP!  What's a guy gotta do!

Here are the complete Offensive League Leaders!

American League

Batting Average Eugene Brantley Colorado Springs .339
Home Runs Albert Cruz Cincinnati 60
RBI Albert Cruz Cincinnati 146
Stolen Bases Apollo Faulkner Durham 55
Hits Will Maxwell St. Louis 207

Joshua Hendrick Texas 207
Runs Joshua Hendrick Texas 136
OBP Joshua Hendrick Texas .426
SLG Albert Cruz Cincinnati .650
OPS Albert Cruz Cincinnati 1.032

National League

Batting Average Michael Mancuso Kansas City .341
Home Runs Ahmed Ratliff Philadelphia 64
RBI Ahmed Ratliff Philadelphia 161
Stolen Bases Erubiel Sosa Austin 54

Jim Hume Florida 54
Hits Benny Lee Kansas City 193
Runs Jerrod Griffiths Houston 119
OBP Benny Lee Kansas City .429
SLG Ahmed Ratliff Philadelphia .684
OPS Ahmed Ratliff Philadelphia 1.035

In the AL, the league leaders board is dominated by one pitcher, Atlanta's Francisco Aramboles. He won the pitching triple crown leading the league in ERA, Wins and Strikeouts, as well as Innings Pitched and Quality Starts.  His Strikeout total was the 3rd most in Cobbfather history (he now owns the four best single season strikeout totals in Cobbfather history) and he had the 5th most Innings Pitched in Cobbfather history.  What a season!  Honorable mention goes to Randall Washington of Texas who tied for the fourth most shutouts in Cobbfather history with 4.

In the NL, ERA Champ Douglas Banks of Buffalo also led the NL in Innings Pitched and Quality Starts. Don Monahan was the NL leader in WHIP and tied for the lead in shutouts, while Seattle's Paulie Flynn tossed an NL best 8 complete games and tied for the lead in shutouts. NL strikeout king Chick Munson of Austin also tied for, you guessed it, the league lead in shutouts.

Here are the complete Pitching League Leaders!

American League

ERA Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 2.39
Wins Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 23
Strikeouts Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 267
Saves Shane Williams Pawtucket 37

Gail Hausmann Cincinnati 37
WHIP Thomas Hutchinson Atlanta 1.04
Innings Pitched Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 271.2
Quality Starts Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 28
Complete Games Yeico Oliva Atlanta 6
Shutouts Randall Washington Texas 4

National League

ERA Douglas Banks Buffalo 2.00
Wins Norman LaPorta Philadelphia 20
Strikeouts Chick Munson Austin 242
Saves Tomo Hayashi Santa Fe 46
WHIP Don Monahan Las Vegas 1.00
Innings Pitched Douglas Banks Buffalo 229.0
Quality Starts Douglas Banks Buffalo 27
Complete Games Paulie Flynn Seattle 8
Shutouts Chick Munson Austin 3

Don Monahan Las Vegas 3

Paulie Flynn Seattle 3

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