Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Season 27 Award Winners

With the World Series under way, that means this season's hardware for individual awards was handed out, let's see who took it home!

American League - Albert Cruz, Cincinnati - .292 AVG 60 HR 146 RBI
In Season 24, Cruz became the first player in Cobbfather history to win 3 MVP's total, much less 3 straight.  After a two season break, he's back at the helm taking home his 4th MVP trophy.  At Age 27, Cruz is already establishing himself as an all-time great.  It will be interesting to see what numbers and how many trophies he ends up with when all is said and done.  Cruz also made the All-Star team, won a Silver Slugger, led the league in HR, RBI, OPS and Slugging and won the Home Run Derby.

National League - Don Sparks, Philadelphia - .300 AVG 48 HR 117 RBI 24 SB
The NL MVP trophy stays in Philadelphia, but this time it's 21 year-old Don Sparks who takes the honors.  Playing in all 162 games this season, Sparks posted phenomenal all-around numbers thanks to his impressive hit tool and solid baserunning abilities.  He has many outstanding seasons ahead of him, and accomplished the difficult feat of winning the MVP in his rookie year.  Not surprisingly he was also named NL Rookie of the Year.   He also made the All-Star team, won a Silver Slugger and a Gold Glove at 1B.  The fact that he was not All-Star Game MVP and didn't win the Home Run Derby shows he is major letdown, I'd look to deal him in the offseason for sure.

American League - Francisco Aramboles, Atlanta - 23-7 2.39 ERA 267 K
Aramboles capped another fantastic season by taking home his 2nd Cy Young Award.  He also earned the honor in Season 25.  Aramboles is a key part of the dominant Atlanta pitching staff that has helped keep the squad on the top of the power rankings for several seasons.  Aramboles made the All-Star team and led the AL in ERA, Wins, Strikeouts, Innings Pitched and Quality Starts making him a pretty obvious choice for the Cy Young Award.

National League - Don Monahan, Las Vegas - 19-4 2.46 ERA 236 K
Monahan nabbed his 3rd Cy Young win with another outstanding season for Las Vegas.  Winning previously in Seasons 20 and 23, Monahan becomes the 6th pitcher in Cobbfather history to win at least 3 Cy Young Awards.  Monahan had an outstanding record and ERA, great strikeout total, led the league in WHIP and tied for the lead in shutouts.  It's hard to argue that he didn't deserve trophy #3.

American League - Greg Wagner, Cincinnati - .272 AVG 47 HR 96 RBI
Wagner may not have the usual star makeup you see in most award winners, but he powered his way this season to the AL Rookie of the Year award.  Blasting 47 bombs to go with a respectable batting average was good enough to bring home the hardware to Cincinnati.  He'll probably need to continue playing in a hitter friendly park to come close to replicating this season's numbers, but still, you can't take away what he accomplished with his outstanding stat line this season.

National League - Don Sparks, Philadelphia - .300 AVG 48 HR 117 RBI 24 SB

American League - Walt White, Charlotte - 2.78 ERA, 33 SV - 2nd win
National League - Tomo Hayashi, Santa Fe - 2.01 ERA, 46 SV - 1st win

American League

Player Franchise
DH Albert Cruz Cincinnati 6th
C Sean Dahl Atlanta 1st
1B Eugene Brantley Colorado Springs 6th
2B Harvey Talbot St. Louis 1st
3B Tony Cassevah Salem 1st
SS James Dillard Charlotte 6th
LF Claude Hughes Trenton 1st
CF Gary Harvey Colorado Springs 3rd
RF Theo Waters Cincinnati 1st

National League

Player Franchise
P Douglas Banks Buffalo 1st
C Michael Mancuso Kansas City 1st
1B Don Sparks Philadelphia 1st
2B Vin Gandarillas Richmond 2nd
3B Joe Foster Las Vegas 1st
SS Eduardo Ortega New York 1st
LF Willie Cerda Richmond 4th
CF Timo Worrell Seattle 1st
RF Wiki Unamuno Santa Fe 1st

American League

Player Franchise
P Bobby Kydd Cheyenne 1st
C Eugene Baker Trenton 1st
1B Harvey Stein Durham 2nd
2B Joshua Hendrick Texas 2nd
3B Xavier Dean Colorado Springs 1st
SS Philip Payton Pawtucket 1st
LF Luis Sanches Cincinnati 1st
CF P.J. Roberts Durham 2nd
RF Emil Javier Trenton 1st

National League

Player Franchise
P Thomas Lyon Buffalo 1st
C Edgmer Moreno Dover 1st
1B Don Sparks Philadelphia 1st
2B Kevin Coomer Santa Fe 2nd
3B Haywood Realmuto Kansas City 1st
SS Wilfredo Javier Las Vegas 3rd
LF Benny Lee Kansas City 4th
CF Eli Espinosa Santa Fe 4th
RF Ryan Martin Seattle 4th

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