Monday, August 12, 2013

Season 20 League Leaders

The regular season is in the books for Season 20, so let's take a look at the league leaders!

In the American League, Kansas City duo Joey Ryan (Batting Average, OBP and OPS) and Dustan Jackson (RBI and Runs) dominated the leader board, while Luis Alarcon also led multiple categories (Home Runs and SLG). In the National League, Greg Riley had a most impressive season, leading the NL in Home Runs, RBI, Hits, SLG and OPS.  Wow!  Pepe Guillen captured the batting title, while leading the NL in OBP. Here's the complete offensive league leaders.

American League
Batting Average Joey Ryan Kansas City .344
Home Runs Luis Alarcon Colorado Springs 50
RBI Dustan Jackson Kansas City 140
Stolen Bases Khalil Floyd Helena 56
Hits Lastings Morris Colorado 210
Runs Dustan Jackson Kansas City 129
OBP Joey Ryan Kansas City .433
SLG Luis Alarcon Colorado Springs .619
OPS Joey Ryan Kansas City .996

National League
Batting Average Pepe Guillen Minnesota .326
Home Runs Greg Riley Texas 54
RBI Greg Riley Texas 159
Stolen Bases Ken Stammen Philadelphia 85
Hits Greg Riley Texas 203
Runs Garrett Patrick Dover 127
OBP Pepe Guillen Minnesota .404
SLG Greg Riley Texas .616
OPS Greg Riley Texas .993

In the American League, the dominant pitcher once again was James Haselman,who lead the league in ERA, Wins, Strikeouts, WHIP and Quality Starts.  His 0.90 WHIP was the 5th best all time, and his 28 quality starts tied for 5th best all time.  I think it's safe to say, a record breaking 5th Cy Young Award is in his future.  Also worth a mention, Paulie Flynn tied for 2nd best all time in Complete Games with 10 and set a new record for shutouts with 5.  Very impressive!  In the National League,  Willie Arredondo tied the mark for 5th most Wins with 23, while Rusty Hogan led the league in ERA and WHIP. Here are the complete pitching league leaders!

American League
ERA James Haselman Tampa Bay 2.19
Wins James Haselman Tampa Bay 22
Strikeouts James Haselman Tampa Bay 225
Saves Allen Cox Kansas City 40
WHIP James Haselman Tampa Bay 0.90
Innings Pitched Ned Meyers Colorado Springs 255.1
Quality Starts James Haselman Tampa Bay 28
Complete Games Paulie Flynn Atlanta 10
Shutouts Paulie Flynn Atlanta 5

National League

ERA Rusty Hogan Los Angeles 2.22
Wins Willie Arredondo Dover 23
Strikeouts Lewis Peterson Pittsburgh 232
Saves Marvin Walsh Pittsburgh 42
WHIP Rusty Hogan Los Angeles 0.93
Innings Pitched Lyle Wallace El Paso 252.0
Quality Starts Groucho Leiter Austin 26
Complete Games Mack Porter Washington 6
Shutouts Ben Lincoln Omaha 3

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