Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Season 20 Awards Recap

While Dover and Colorado Springs are battling it out for the World Series crown, the Season 20 Award Winners were announced, let's take a look to see who took home the honors!

Most Valuable Player
American League -  Dustan Jackson, Kansas City -.309 AVG 45 HR 130 RBI 43 SB
Jackson had an incredible season leading a potent Kansas City offense by leading the AL in Runs and RBI and also posting a 40/40 year.  Pretty hard to argue against him with those numbers.  He won his second Silver Slugger award as well this season, but surprisingly, did not make the All Star team.  This is his first MVP award, and it is well deserved indeed.

National League - Greg Riley, Texas - .316 AVG 54 HR 159 RBI
After showing promise in his rookie year, Riley had a break out sophomore season, leading the NL in in Home Runs, RBI, Hits, SLG and OPS.  It's a pretty safe bet when you do that, you're going to win MVP.   He made the All Star team and won a Silver Slugger award as well.  At only 24, this could be the first of many MVP's for him, if he can avoid the injury bug.

Cy Young Award
American League -  James Haselman, Tampa Bay - 22-2 2.19 ERA 225K
Every superlative has been exhausted in describing Haselman, and I think everyone knows how great he is by now.  Haselman becomes the first ever 5 time Cy Young Award winner in Cobbfather history, and this is his 3rd consecutive win as well.  It doesn't look like he's showing any signs of slowing down either, so it's likely he'll continue to raise the bar for pitching excellence for seasons to come.

National League - Don Monahan, Dover - 21-2 2.90 ERA 194 K
Monahan had an extremely strong year as part of the league's best regular season team to capture his first Cy Young Award, edging out teammate Willie Arredondo for the trophy.  Monahan was acquired last season, and has been lights out for Dover ever since.  He definitely could be back in the winners circle again in future seasons, but will have strong competition, a few on his own team, amongst others.

Rookie of the Year
American League -  Paulie Flynn, Atlanta - 18-7 3.07 ERA 176 K
Flynn was the winner of the AL Rookie of the Year honors by a wide margin.   He proved to be quite the workhorse, with 10 Complete Games, and setting a new Cobbfather record by tossing 5 shutouts.  This could be just the start for Flynn, as he has the makeup to win several more awards throughout his career, although competing with Hasleman for Cy Youngs won't be an easy task.

National League - Willie Cerda, Little Rock - .277 AVG 44 HR 107 RBI
The long awaited debut in the majors of Willie Cerda has a big success, as he captured the NL Rookie of the Year honors this season.  An international signee from two seasons ago, Cerda is an amazing hitter, with incredible power, that should allow him to win multiple awards throughout his career.  His numbers this year might be the low end of what he see from him throughout his career

Fireman of the Year
American League -  Arthur Camilli, Colorado Springs - 2.58 ERA 38 SV - 4th win
National League - Marvin Walsh, Pittsburgh -1.26 ERA, 43 SV - 2nd win

Silver Slugger Awards
American League
DH Joey Ryan Kansas City 2nd
C Vic Martinez Burlington 1st
1B Kendry Lunar Boston 1st
2B Dustan Jackson Kansas City 2nd
3B Carlos James Kansas City 3rd
SS Edgar Castro Colorado 1st
LF Crash Meacham Atlanta 1st
CF Vic Crowe Colorado Springs 1st
RF Stubby Shaw Boston 1st

National League 
P Juan Seanez Little Rock 1st
C Mark Martin Little Rock 5th
1B Greg Riley Texas 1st
2B Calvin Decker Little Rock 3rd
3B Pepe Guillen Minnesota 2nd
SS Albert Pineda Dover 2nd
LF Sammy Torres El Paso 2nd
CF Hub Petrov Buffalo 1st
RF Al James Pittsburgh 6th

Gold Glove Awards
American League
P Ron Gross Detroit 2nd
C Albie Lind Charlotte 1st
1B Vern Connelly Kansas City 1st
2B Benjamin Delcarmen Cleveland 3rd
3B Roberto Bennett Vancouver 9th
SS Walter Palmer Charlotte 1st
LF Clarence Loney Cleveland 3rd
CF Aaron Kennedy Boston 4th
RF Mike Worthington Tampa Bay 3rd

National League
P Carl Levis Philadelphia 1st
C Ron Murphy Texas 1st
1B Garrett Patrick Dover 1st
2B Ken Stammen Philadelphia 2nd
3B Joe Foster Buffalo 1st
SS Esteban James Pittsburgh 7th
LF Vic Gonzales Dover 1st
CF Jose Ortiz Omaha 1st
RF Donaldo Cordero Los Angeles 3rd

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I'm surprised there were more Gold Glove winners than Silver Sluggers for Dover.