Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Season 20 All Star Coverage

The Season 20 All Star Game is upon us, coincidentally on the same day as the MLB All Star Game.  The AL team is led by 5 Colorado Springs players and 4 Tampa Bay players.   One of those Tampa Bay players being James Haselman who is making his 9th consecutive All Star appearance to start his career.  Amazing!  Honorable mention goes to Yamid Montanez, who is making his 8th appearance and Elston Lloyd, who is making his 7th.  13 players on the AL squad are making their first All Star appearance.

On the NL side, the team is led by 6 players from the top team in the most recent rankings, Dover, which seems appropriate.  5 players from Minnesota made it, followed by Little Rock with 4.  Andres Candelaria has the most appearances for this season's NL squad, this being his 8th. Jung Hasegawa and Al James are making their 7th appearances.  12 players on the NL squad are making their first appearance.

Here are the complete rosters, although home field in the World Series is not on the line, it should still be a great game!


Player Franchise Appearance
C Vic Martinez Burlington 2nd
1B Eugene Brantley Tampa Bay 5th
2B Gerald Jacobsen Tampa Bay 1st
3B Roberto Bennett Vancouver 5th
SS Benito Beltre Vancouver 2nd
LF Donaldo Javier New York 1st
CF Aaron Kennedy Boston 2nd
RF John Pickett Helena 1st
DH Joey Ryan Kansas City 2nd


Player Franchise Appearance
P James Haselman Tampa Bay 9th
P Arthur Camilli Colorado Springs 6th
P Allen Cox Kansas City 6th
P Paulie Flynn Atlanta 1st
P Ned Meyers Colorado Springs 4th
P Thomas Hutchinson Atlanta 1st
P Walt White Charlotte 1st
P Alex Satou Colorado Springs 2nd
P Jonathan Lawton Cleveland 1st
P Jo-jo Strickland Cleveland 1st
P Allie Dunham St. Louis 1st
P Hipolito Estrada Tampa Bay 2nd
P Juan Belliard St. Louis 1st


Player Franchise Appearance
C Elston Lloyd Vancouver 7th
1B Luis Alarcon Colorado Springs 2nd
2B Yamid Montanez Boston 8th
3B Carlos James Kansas City 3rd
SS Edgar Castro Colorado 2nd
LF Theo Waters Charlotte 1st
CF Vic Crowe Colorado Springs 1st
RF Lastings Morris Colorado 1st

AL All Stars by Team
Colorado Springs 5
Tampa Bay 4
Kansas City 3
Vancouver 3
Atlanta 2
Boston 2
Charlotte 2
Cleveland 2
Colorado 2
St. Louis 2
Burlington 1
Helena 1
New York 1


Player Franchise Appearance
C Stan Dickens Dover 2nd
1B Pascual Hernandez Buffalo 2nd
2B Calvin Decker Little Rock 3rd
3B Pepe Guillen Minnesota 3rd
SS Albert Pineda Dover 4th
LF Andres Candelaria Minnesota 8th
CF Andrew Roberts Minnesota 1st
RF Cap Rivera Syracuse 3rd


Player Franchise Appearance
P Marvin Walsh Pittsburgh 3rd
P Don Monahan Dover 1st
P Willie Arredondo Dover 1st
P Pablo Gandarillas Syracuse 3rd
P Vicente Villano Texas 1st
P Will Ogden Dover 1st
P Jung Hasegawa Austin 7th
P Juan Seanez Little Rock 1st
P Cecil Milton Minnesota 1st
P Ringo Childs Minnesota 1st
P Welington Melendez Buffalo 1st
P Douglas Banks Buffalo 2nd
P Felix Wheat Pittsburgh 2nd
P Chip Torres Los Angeles 3rd


Player Franchise Appearance
C Dan Pall Honolulu 1st
1B Greg Riley Texas 1st
2B Steve Hansell Boise 1st
3B Geronimo Johnson Boise 2nd
SS George Fultz Little Rock 5th
LF Vic Gonzales Dover 4th
CF Bernie Hernandez Little Rock 2nd
RF Al James Pittsburgh 7th

NL All Stars by Team 
Dover 6
Minnesota 5
Little Rock 4
Buffalo 3
Pittsburgh 3
Boise 2
Syracuse 2
Texas  2
Austin 1
Honolulu 1
Los Angeles 1

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