Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Season 5 Preview - Playoff Predictions

Leon Jackson - Cobbfather Post Gazette
Shenaynay - Special Correspondent from the Psychic Friends Network

Well, we've been through each division in Cobbfather and we've told you what the future holds for every team. But, Shenaynay's knowledge of the future extends well beyond the regular season. She knows exactly who is going to advance in the playoffs and who is going to flop. Let's sit back and see what girlfriend has to say about the Season 5 playoffs!


OK, the playoffs kick off with #6 Dover vs. #3 New York Primetimers, and #4 Rochester vs. #5 Memphis. The playoff success continues for #6 Dover, as they dispose of their division rival in 4 games, and #4 Rochester takes out Memphis in 4. On to the NLDS, where #1 Sacramento takes on #4 Rochester - and the youth of Rochester crumbles, as Sacto takes it in 4 games. #2 Jackson takes on #6 Dover in the other series, and Jackson takes a tough series in 5. The NLCS features a rematch of playoff rivals #1 Sacramento and #2 Jackson. It's another playoff disappointment for Sacramento as Jackson takes it in 6 games, and Jackson is your NL Champion!


Kicking off the AL Playoffs is #3 Atlanta vs. #6 Burlington and #4 Vancouver vs. #5 Tampa Bay. Atlanta wins the battle of division rivals in 4 games. In the other matchup, Tampa Bay tanks Vancouver in 5 games, advancing to the ALDS. Next round features another clash of division rivals in #1 Florida vs. #5 Tampa Bay. The defending World Series champs win a close series in 5 games over the Tankers. Next, we have #2 New York vs. #3 Atlanta, and the big bats of New York take it over the big bats of Atlanta. Making the ALCS a battle of New York vs. Florida. domi vs. rawdk. The epic battle goes 7 games, and the winner is....New York, capturing their first AL Pennant!


The World Series features the Jackson Rockets vs. the New York Pride of the Yankees. It's the strong pitching of Jackson vs. the powerful lineup of New York. But also to be considered is the fact that New York owner domiisgod has a long line of playoff disappointments in his past. Will he be able to overcome his playoff jinx? It will be a great series that goes 6 games, but in the end, the bats of New York will be too much for the pitching of Jackson, making your season 5 World Series Champions the New York Pride of the Yankees! The playoff jinx is over for domi!

Good luck to all teams in Season 5!

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