Friday, March 10, 2017

Season 33 Wrap Up - Houston Takes the Crown

Houston Space Cowboys (AL)
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Houston is your Season 33 Champion!

Another tough, hard fought Cobbfather postseason is in the book, and it's Houston that has emerged from the fray as the Season 33 Champion!  rawdk, one of the two owners who has played all 33 seasons in Cobbfather, takes home his 5th championship by outlasting Florida in a back-and-forth six game duel in the World Series.  The Houston win marks the continuation of an interesting trend.  Each of the last four Cobbfather champions were never ranked #1 in the Power Rankings in the season they won.  Houston, who moved to Arlington this past offseason, held the top spot in 4 out of the 5 power rankings in Season 32, and had been #1 at some point over the past 5 seasons.  In Season 33, they flew under the radar, starting and finishing the season ranked #2.

Perhaps it was being free of having to carry the torch of the #1 ranking that got them their first title since Season 28.  They didn't hit all that well in the postseason, striking out alot and having an OBP under .300, but they connected with the long ball when they needed to.  Their pitching and defense was outstanding in the postseason, as it has been all season, which ultimately was too tough for any of their opponents to overcome.

It was another disappointing World Series loss for Florida, marking their 4th World Series loss in the last 8 seasons.  Hats off dodgersrays, however, as making the World Series four times is an extremely impressive feat.  He's fielded some excellent teams that have deserved to win it all.  As many of us know, the playoff gods can be quite cruel.

That does it for Season 33, see you back for Season 34 after a hopefully very quick rollover!

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