Monday, July 11, 2016

Season 31 All-Star Coverage

The Season 31 All-Star break is here, so let's see who made this year's teams!

In the AL, Cheyenne led the way with 6 All-Stars, followed closely by Pawtucket and Texas with 5 each. Francisco Aramboles of Atlanta is making his 8th All-Star appearance, as is his former Atlanta staff mate, now with Pawtucket, Thomas Hutchinson.  The AL roster includes 10 first time All-Stars!

On the NL side, it's Florida and Montgomery tying for the most All-Stars with 4 each.  The ageless wonder Don Monahan of Las Vegas makes his 9th appearance in the All-Star game, as does teammate Rodrigo Ontiveros. The NL roster includes 13 first time All-Stars.

Here are the complete rosters!

American League
Player Franchise Appearance
C Daisuke Masato Montreal 4th
1B Michael Henn Pawtucket 2nd
2B Wandy Guillen Cheyenne 1st
3B Junior Roberts Cheyenne 3rd
SS Philip Vasquez Cheyenne 3rd
LF Vic Park Texas 6th
CF Raul Galvez Salem 1st
RF Vladimir Troncoso Texas 7th
DH Robert Hamilton Montreal 1st


Player Franchise Appearance
P Bob Berg Cheyenne 1st
P Jiggs Cuddyer Boston 4th
P Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 8th
P Lariel Benitez Texas 1st
P Tony Benavente Charlotte 1st
P Braeden Abercrombie San Francisco 2nd
P Carlos Colome Salem 1st
P Bob Graves Cheyenne 2nd
P Thomas Hutchinson Pawtucket 8th
P Kory Holloway Milwaukee 1st
P Juan Seanez Cheyenne 5th
P Yeico Miranda Pawtucket 3rd
P Paul Burroughs New York 1st


Player Franchise Appearance
C Sean Dahl Atlanta 4th
1B Willie Cerda Texas 5th
2B Joshua Hendrick Texas 7th
3B Alving Palmeiro Colorado Springs 5th
SS Dan Pribanic Boston 1st
LF Donaldo Javier Pawtucket 3rd
CF Wilfredo Rincon Boston 1st
RF Ryan Martin Pawtucket 3rd

AL All-Stars by Team

Cheyenne 6
Pawtucket 5
Texas 5
Boston 3
Atlanta 2
Montreal 2
Salem 2
Charlotte 1
Colorado Springs 1
Milwaukee 1
New York 1
San Francisco 1

National League
Player Franchise Appearance
C David Martin Vancouver 1st
1B Julian Barber Vancouver 1st
2B Oswaldo Blanco Vancouver 1st
3B Ernie McEnerney Cleveland 2nd
SS Cyrus Stottlemyre Salt Lake City 1st
LF Felipe Bennett Chicago 2nd
CF Jared Gonzales Montgomery 3rd
RF Albert Pineda Florida 4th

Player Franchise Appearance
P Rodrigo Ontiveros Las Vegas 9th
P Bo Nelson Florida 2nd
P Juan Belliard Trenton 2nd
P Felix Tanaka Cleveland 3rd
P Ronny Wilson Seattle 1st
P B.C. Ortiz Florida 2nd
P Davey Torrealba Montgomery 3rd
P Don Monahan Las Vegas 9th
P Quilvio Odor Montgomery 1st
P Pedro Castillo New York 1st
P Bryant Landrum Florida 2nd
P Gregory Evans Louisville 2nd
P Branch Willis New York 1st
P Andruw Gumbs Dover 1st

Player Franchise Appearance
C Edgardo Vazquez Salt Lake City 1st
1B Byron Price Louisville 1st
2B Wilmer Ortega Salt Lake City 1st
3B Benny McAnaney Dover 2nd
SS Rymer Mota Cleveland 3rd
LF Mitchell Sweeney New York 2nd
CF Everth Sosa Buffalo 1st
RF Wiki Unamuno Montgomery 3rd

NL All-Stars by Team
Florida 4
Montgomery 4
Cleveland 3
New York 3
Salt Lake City 3
Vancouver 3
Dover 2
Las Vegas 2
Louisville 2
Buffalo 1
Chicago 1
Seattle 1
Trenton 1

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