Friday, May 27, 2016

Season 31 Offseason Free Agency Tracker

We've rolled on to Season 31 and the Free Agent Frenzy is upon us!  Check back here throughout the signing period to see who went where.  Good luck to all in their Free Agency pursuits!

Old New Contract
Rank Player Pos Age Team Team Amount Years
1 Vic Park 2B 32 ATL TEX $52.5 M 4
Comments:  Great all-around player who is still going strong at age 32
2 Artie Stone RP 30 ATL CSP $64.0 M 5
Comments:  Outstanding reliever with virtually no flaws in his ratings makeup
3 Ryan Fisher SP 33 DET DOV $62.0 M 4
Comments:  In a very weak SP free agent class, he stands out as the most solid
4 Donaldo Javier 2B 31 CLE PAW $33.3 M 5
Comments: An MVP candidate last season, outstanding all around, but limited power
5 Erubiel Perez 3B 31 MNT LV $16.5 M 3
Comments:  Plays a solid 3B and has a good bat that is solid, yet not spectacular
6 Alex Mercedes LF 30 SLC ATL $40.5 M 5
Comments:  Fantastic splits, great batting eye, nice LF, and can play 2B in a pinch
7 Alex Alfonzo RP 37 STL LV $15.0 M 2
Comments: A fantastic workhorse RP still, even at age 37, he still brings it
8 Walter Bird SS 30 SEA MIL $24.8 M 4
Comments: Very nice bat for a great fielding SS, but low durability is a slight concern
9 Steve Sheets SP 28 BUF FLA $35.7 M 5
Comments: Only 28 and looks solid all around, but prone to giving up flyballs
10 Louis Markakis SP 34 CHA LA $23.0 M 3
Comments: RH split is mediocre and lacks a dominant pitch, but all else is good
11 Michael Stokes SS 29 DET CHA $16.8 M 3
Comments: Nice power bat for either a passable SS or Gold Glove 3B
12 Tomas Bernadina SP 29 VC SLC $26.4 M 5
Comments: Age is a plus and decent enough, middle to end of the rotation type 
13 Hideo Sakamoto  3B 32 SF DOV $20.8 M 4
Comments:  Very good fielding 3B, with a very good bat, although low durability
14 Willie Moreno LF 32 PAW CHA $10.4 M 2
Comments: Speedster with nice hitting skills, although not much power
15 Aurelio Lima 1B 34 TEX CHA $10.5 M 3
Comments: One of the best pure hitters available, but age and durability are a concern
16 Melky Martin RP 28 VC PAW $10.5 M 3
Comments: Solid workhorse RP with elite control and velocity, but no dominant pitch
17 Ronny Wilson RP 31 LOU SEA $17.6 M 4
Comments: Another solid RP who can eat innings and rates well across the board
18 Ugueth Guzman RP 26 TEX MIL $10.8 M 3
Comments: Young reliever with good pitches and velocity, good control, ok splits
19 Yordano Diaz RF 29 CHR SAL $22.0 M 4
Comments: Solid but not spectacular hitter, should put up some decent stats at the plate
20 Denny Haynes C 31 MIL BOS $0.9 M 1
Comments: Nice hitter, especially against LHP, defensive is iffy so maybe a DH
21 Douglas Banks SP 37 CHY LV $16.0 M 2
Comments: 2-time Cy Young winner is still good, but aging and huge injury risk lingers
22 Bob Bonds SP 27 PAW BOS $19.6 M 4
Comments: He's a decent back end of the rotation guy, splits are mediocre however
23 Brandon Sisk RP 29 NY2 MNT $4.6 M 2
Comments: Tremendous ratings, except for splits, might be a nice closer for some team
24 Felipe Olivares 3B 34 TEX CHA $4.4 M 1
Comments: Pretty good bat and decent in the field, but age-related decline is a concern
25 John Collier 3B 30 STL BOS $2.1 M 1
Comments: Somewhat passable as a 3B, but nice batting eye/speed combo here

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