Friday, February 12, 2016

Season 29 Awards Recap

We're here to provide all the coverage for Season 29 Awards!  Let's get right to it!

American League - Timothy Steinbach, Atlanta - .294 AVG 52 HR 153 RBI
In a very close AL MVP race it was Atlanta's Steinbach who came away with the hardware, thanks to an impressive season at the plate for the AL's top team.  This is his first MVP win.  His 153 RBI led the majors in Season 29, and he has one of the most powerful bats in Cobbfather, so it's not much of a surprise to see him take home an MVP trophy.  

National League - Willie Cerda, Buffalo - .308 AVG 42 HR 130 RBI
Buffalo's Cerda emerged as the clear cut winner in the NL MVP voting, making him only the 2nd player in Cobbfather history to win 3 MVP's.  He was the AL MVP in Seasons 23 and 25.  He also surpassed the 500 HR mark this season and won his 5th Silver Slugger award.  There is little doubt Cerda will go down as one of the all-time great sluggers in Cobbfather history.  

American League - Yeico Oliva, Atlanta - 23-7 2.60 ERA 209 K
An Atlanta hurler has won the AL Cy Young Award for the 6th consecutive season.  This season it is Oliva taking home the trophy for his 1st Cy Young win.  Oliva tied for the AL lead in wins and led the league in Quality Starts.  He also made his 4th All-Star appearance in Season 29.  He is a great arm who can win more Cy Young trophies, but will face some stiff competition from other members of his staff, along with some of the other great AL pitchers.  

National League - Josh Stark, Las Vegas - 17-7 3.03 ERA 172 K
On the surface, it may not appear that Stark is a Cy Young caliber hurler, but ratings aren't everything and he took home the trophy thanks to a great season for the NL's top regular season team.  This is his first Cy Young win and he also made his first All-Star appearance this season.  His 17 wins led the NL.  He really stepped it up this season after struggling last season, so it's a great comeback story.

American League - Co-Winners
Lawrence Carpenter, St. Louis - 8-7 2.40 ERA 93 K 6 SV
Wandy Guillen, Cheyenne - .307 AVG 10 HR 54 RBI 39 SB
The voters were split on the AL Rookie of the Year, so we have co-winners!  Carpenter thrived in a middle relief role for St. Louis, and looks like he will be an elite reliever for seasons to come. Guillen is an OBP machine with great contact and excellent speed that will make him a great asset in the Cheyenne lineup.  Both players are extremely talented and will be key players on their teams for many seasons.  

National League - Adalberto Cerveza, Dover - .324 AVG 38 HR 100 RBI 16 SB
There was no doubt on the NL side for Rookie of the Year as Dover's Cerveza was a runaway winner with his most impressive totals in his rookie campaign.  A very solid hitter with tremendous durability, he played all 162 games in Season 29, Cerveza looks like he will be an anchor in the Dover lineup going forward.  He has great potential to match his impressive rookie numbers in future seasons to build upon the great start to his career.  

American League - Jhoulys Olmedo, Salem - 3.09 ERA, 41 SV - 1st win
National League - Will Morris, Monterrey - 2.44 ERA, 41 SV - 1st win

American League
DH Albert Cruz Milwaukee 8th
C Denny Haynes Milwaukee 1st
1B Thurman Hall Charleston 1st
2B Crash Cepeda San Francisco 2nd
3B Alving Palmeiro Colorado Springs 2nd
SS Jaret Miller Atlanta 1st
LF Claude Hughes New York 2nd
CF Raul Galvez Salem 1st
RF Francis King Salem 1st
National League
P Lefty Leverton Los Angeles 1st
C Lyle Bradford Seattle 1st
1B Adalberto Cerveza Dover 1st
2B Edinson Hernandez Santa Fe 1st
3B Joe Foster Las Vegas 2nd
SS Kirt Raggio Hartford 1st
LF Willie Cerda Buffalo 5th
CF Brent Sterns Dover 1st
RF Mitchell Sweeney Columbus 1st

American League
P Tony Corpas Chicago 1st
C Felipe Zumaya Charleston 1st
1B Vic Park Atlanta 4th
2B Joshua Hendrick Texas 3rd
3B Shawn Lombardi Chicago 1st
SS Ubaldo Trevino Chicago 1st
LF Francicso Sierra Charleston 1st
CF P.J. Roberts Pawtucket 3rd
RF Ryan Martin Pawtucket 5th
National League
P Thomas Lyon Buffalo 2nd
C Felix Yosida Florida 1st
1B Alberto Manuel Vancouver 1st
2B Keith Smith Trenton 2nd
3B Bob Combs Seattle 1st
SS Wilfredo Javier Las Vegas 5th
LF Harry Amarista Louisville 4th
CF Kevin Coomer Santa Fe 3rd
RF Benny Lee Trenton 5th

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