Sunday, June 21, 2015

Season 27 All-Star Coverage

The Season 27 All-Star festivities are upon us, so let's see who made this season's All-Star teams!

In the American League, Thomas Hutchinson leads all AL All-Stars in appearances, making his 6th All-Star team.  There were 10 first time All-Stars on the AL Squad.  14 different teams are represented on the AL All-Star team with Atlanta (6) and Texas (5) having the most players.

In the National League, Norman LaPorta is still getting it done at age 38, making his 11th All-Star team! Another great feat for LaPorta as he also attempts to win a record tying 6th Cy Young Award this season. The NL had 12 first time All-Stars and representatives from 13 different teams. Philadelphia had the most All-Stars with 7, followed by Las Vegas with 4.

Here are the complete rosters, congrats to those owners who had players make the teams!

Player Team Appearance
C Vinny Sano Charlotte 2nd
1B Will Maxwell St. Louis 4th
2B Joshua Hendrick Texas 4th
3B Hideo Sakamoto Durham 4th
SS Rymer Mota Salem 1st
LF Vinny Dickinson Atlanta 3rd
CF P.J. Roberts Durham 1st
RF Vladimir Troncoso Texas 4th
DH Albert Cruz Cincinnati 5th


Player Team Appearance
P Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 4th
P Esteban Castillo Cheyenne 1st
P Thomas Hutchinson Atlanta 6th
P Alfonso Unamuno Charleston 1st
P Shane Williams Pawtucket 2nd
P Willie Guerrero Charleston 1st
P Tony Mota St. Louis 1st
P Ben Lincoln New York 1st
P Lloyd Chiasson Texas 2nd
P Juan Seanez Colorado Springs 3rd
P Aneury Tejeda Atlanta 3rd
P Antonio Ishida Texas 3rd
P William Hukata Iowa City 1st

Player Team Appearance
C Sean Dahl Atlanta 2nd
1B Kendry Lunar Boston 1st
2B Enrique Garces Atlanta 3rd
3B Tony Cassevah Salem 2nd
SS Alving Palmeiro Colorado Springs 2nd
LF Benito Acosta Texas 2nd
CF Alfonso Rijo Boston 1st
RF Theo Waters Cincinnati 4th

AL All-Stars by Team
Atlanta 6
Texas 5
Boston 2
Charleston 2
Cincinnati 2
Colorado Springs 2
Durham 2
Salem 2
St. Louis 2
Charlotte 1
Cheyenne 1
Iowa City 1
New York 1
Pawtucket 1


Player Team Appearance
C Benny Franco New York 4th
1B Erubiel Sosa Austin 2nd
2B Rolando Gomez Philadelphia 2nd
3B Joe Foster Las Vegas 2nd
SS Stan Demel Buffalo 2nd
LF Benny Lee Kansas City 5th
CF Heath Kelly Florida 1st
RF Wiki Unamuno Santa Fe 1st


Player Team Appearance
P Yordano Oropesa Salt Lake City 1st
P Edward Presley Philadelphia 1st
P Chick Munson Austin 1st
P Rodrigo Ontiveros Las Vegas 6th
P Tomo Hayashi Santa Fe 1st
P Don Monahan Las Vegas 6th
P Douglas Banks Buffalo 5th
P Vladimir Rosario Philadelphia 1st
P Dioner Ontiveros Las Vegas 3rd
P Norman LaPorta Philadelphia 11th
P Doug Thomson Philadelphia 1st
P Groucho Leiter Dover 2nd
P Houston Austin Los Angeles 2nd
P Erubiel Morales Santa Fe 1st


Player Team Appearance
C Stan Dickens Vancouver 4th
1B Don Sparks Philadelphia 1st
2B Vin Gandarillas Richmond 3rd
3B Wilfredo Moraga Los Angeles 1st
SS James Jung Florida 1st
LF Ahmed Ratliff Philadelphia 2nd
CF Luis Duran Salt Lake City 2nd
RF Morgan Cerda Austin 6th

NL All-Stars by Team
Philadelphia 7
Las Vegas 4
Austin 3
Santa Fe 3
Buffalo 2
Florida 2
Los Angeles 2
Salt Lake City 2
Dover 1
Kansas City 1
New York 1
Richmond 1
Vancouver 1

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