Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Season 27 Preseason Power Rankings

Offseason free agency is over and Spring Training has started for Season 27, which means it's a good time to check in with the Preseason Power Rankings!  Starting at the top is the defending champion Atlanta, who looks poised for another run at the title.   They will face a tough challenge from #2 Texas, who was right there with them all last season.  #3 is Colorado Springs, who is looking to make a run to the title of their own this season.  Rounding out the top 5 is a youthful Philadelphia team, who added a couple of vets this offseason, and Houston, who looks strong yet again.  It will be interesting to see how the season plays out, and who will come out on top.  Good luck to everyone this season, here are the complete rankings!

Season 26

Team  W L    Comments
1 Atlanta  111 51 Finally got their title, and strong enough to repeat 
2 Texas 110 52 Right there with Atlanta last season, and should be again
3 Colorado Springs 101 61 Strong roster, will be great, but pitching below the top 2
4 Philadelphia 90 72 Added a couple of vets to go with a solid, young core
5 Houston 92 70 Solid team, their vets still have some gas left in the tank
6 New York (AL) 95 67 Elite pitching team last season, but the AL looks tough
7 Los Angeles 95 67 Always in the mix with great pitching and should be again
8 Florida 104 58 In the NL mix, but not sure they dominate like last season
9 Las Vegas 88 74 Adding Klesko in the pen boosts an already solid staff
10 Buffalo  86 76 Can't count them out, should have a great staff again
11 Vancouver 83 79 Great stats last season, and now have the ploppie factor!
12 Salt Lake City 84 78 Won it all in S25, but pitching struggled last season 
13 Boston  85 77 Voyles should help, but bats are aging, and lost Klesko
14 St. Louis 85 77 Could use an offensive breakthrough to take the next step
15 Charlotte  80 82 Numbers were good last season, can it lead to more wins? 
16 Dover 75 87 Signed a few free agents, so improvement is possible
17 Salem 78 84 Took a step forward, could their rebuild pay off this season?
18 Santa Fe 83 79 You never know with the ballpark, but have done well there
19 Seattle  76 86 Seem to be improving, and certainly could move up higher
20 Richmond 76 86 Middle of the road all around last season, so we'll see
21 Trenton 80 82 They put up good numbers, so they could improve for sure
22 Austin  76 86 Good pitching, but offense seems like an issue for them
23 Cincinnati 78 84 The pitching was rough last season, but have solid bats
24 Charleston 80 82 We'll see about them in the post-Haselman and rbf era
25 Kansas City 77 85 Their division is up for grabs, and they aren't bad at all
26 Syracuse  70 92 Nice offense, but the pitching may have a bit to go 
27 Durham  55 107 Looking to rebound from a poor season, they are capable
28 San Francisco 65 97 Their pitching is getting better, can they get the bats going?
29 Iowa City 55 107 Probably a rebuild year for this team, they're not there yet
30 Pawtucket 69 93 It will be interesting to see what new ownership does here
31 New York (NL) 51 111 They're rebuilding, and may be a season or two away still
32 Cheyenne 59 103 Owner is MIA and will be replaced in the next few days

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