Monday, March 2, 2015

Season 26 All-Star Coverage

The All-Stars have been named for Season 26, and we have all the coverage right here!

In the American League, Eugene Brantley of Tampa Bay leads the way in All-Star appearances, making his 7th.  Honorable mention goes to Roger DuBose of Boston (6th appearance) and Thomas Hutchinson of Atlanta (5th appearance).  Texas had the most All-Stars in the American League with 5, while Atlanta, Colorado Springs and New York all had 4.

In the National League, veteran hurler Norman LaPorta of Houston is making his 10th All-Star appearance, a truly impressive feat!  Fellow 37 year-old hurler Lyle Wallace has the next most appearances amongst the NL All-Stars with 6.  Arizona led the way with 5 All-Stars, while Cleveland Philadelphia each had 4.  Syracuse is the only team without an All-Star in the NL, every other team is represented.

Here is the complete list of this season's All-Stars!

Player Franchise Appearance
C Jimmie Newson Tampa Bay 2nd
1B Vic Park Atlanta 3rd
2B Joshua Hendrick Texas 3rd
3B Benjamin Delcarmen Cincinnati 4th
SS Tony Cassevah Salem 1st
LF Vic Crowe Colorado Springs 3rd
CF Gary Harvey Colorado Springs 2nd
RF Vladimir Troncoso Texas 3rd
DH Albert Cruz Pawtucket 4th

Player Franchise Appearance
P Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 3rd
P Thomas Hutchinson Atlanta 5th
P Jhoulys Olmedo Salem 1st
P Carl Young Colorado Springs 2nd
P Aneury Tejeda Atlanta 2nd
P Steve Morgan New York 1st
P Walt White Charlotte 1st
P Randall Washington Texas 1st
P Artie Stone Colorado Springs 3rd
P Henry Hermsen New York 3rd
P Fergie Lockwood New York 1st
P Paulie Gibbs New York 1st
P Jack Gwynn Trenton 1st

Player Franchise Appearance
C Roger DuBose Boston 6th
1B Eugene Brantley Tampa Bay 7th
2B Steve Hansell Pawtucket 3rd
3B Hideo Sakamoto Durham 3rd
SS James Dillard Charlotte 1st
LF Benito Acosta Texas 1st
CF Jared Gonzales Texas 1st
RF Carmine Avery Salem 1st

AL All-Stars by Team
Texas 5
Atlanta 4
Colorado Springs 4
New York 4
Salem 3
Charlotte 2
Pawtucket 2
Tampa Bay 2
Boston 1
Cincinnati 1
Durham 1
Trenton 1

Player Franchise Appearance
C Benny Franco New York 3rd
1B Victor Guzman Arizona 2nd
2B Albert Pineda Florida 1st
3B Gail Roberts Dover 4th
SS Ching-Lung Suzuki Austin 2nd
LF Willie Cerda Jacksonville 3rd
CF Lance Matthews Austin 1st
RF Randall Coke Las Vegas 1st

Player Franchise Appearance
P Dock Kramer Arizona 2nd
P Bart Wheeler Cleveland 1st
P Rodrigo Ontiveros Las Vegas 5th
P Wayne Barber Austin 1st
P Ebenezer Hall Philadelphia 1st
P Lefty Leverton Arizona 3rd
P Bill Hermanson Philadelphia 1st
P Norman LaPorta Houston 10th
P Hank Abercrombie Cleveland 1st
P Houston Austin Los Angeles 1st
P Paulie Flynn Seattle 4th
P Lyle Wallace Los Angeles 6th
P Don Monahan Las Vegas 5th
P Rich Miner Philadelphia 1st

Player Franchise Appearance
C Michael Mancuso Cleveland 1st
1B Howard Greer Cleveland 5th
2B Vin Gandarillas Arizona 2nd
3B Vic Castro Arizona 1st
SS Stan Demel Buffalo 1st
LF Ahmed Ratliff Philadelphia 1st
CF Eli Espinosa Santa Fe 3rd
RF Alex Mercedes Salt Lake City 2nd

NL All-Stars by Team
Arizona 5
Cleveland 4
Philadelphia 4
Austin 3
Las Vegas 3
Los Angeles 2
Buffalo 1
Dover 1
Florida 1
Houston 1
Jacksonville 1
New York 1
Salt Lake City 1
Santa Fe 1
Seattle 1

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