Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Season 26 Preseason Power Rankings

Season 26 is about to get under way, but before it does, it's time for the preseason power rankings!   At the top, there's no reason to think Atlanta won't be a dominant team again, so they maintain their lock on the top spot.  After that, there's a number of teams in the mix who look like solid contenders.  The rest of the top 5 in order are Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, Houston and defending champion Salt Lake City.  I'm sure there will be quite a bit of movement throughout the season, as several other teams look strong as well.  Good luck in what will be an interesting season for sure!   Here are the complete rankings!

Season 25

Team  W L    Comments
1 Atlanta  116 46 No reason to think they won't be tremendous again
2 Colorado Springs 93 69 Adding Crowe helps for sure, can the pitching hold up?
3 Las Vegas 89 73 Outstanding pitching, but do they have enough offense?
4 Houston 90 72 Solid across the board last season and should be again
5 Salt Lake City 90 72 The defending champs have tough competition in division
6 Texas 91 71 They've been building for a run, could be this season 
7 Boston  111 51 Team is getting older and pitching staff is a slight concern
8 Pawtucket 93 69 Had some turnover in the offseason, but still looking good
9 Florida 90 72 Looking pretty solid overall, should have a good season
10 Los Angeles 88 74 Tough division and not sure about offense, but still solid
11 Buffalo  89 73 Can't count them out with 10 straight winning seasons
12 Jacksonville 95 67 Lost a few guys in the offseason, so we'll have to see
13 Trenton 75 87 Added some pieces in offseason, but tough division
14 Arizona 86 76 Roster looks pretty solid, but tough division so we'll see
15 Philadelphia 67 95 Signed a couple of big FA's, so we think they'll be better
16 Cleveland 84 78 Pretty good numbers last season, pretty quiet offseason
17 New York (AL) 82 80 Pitching staff was great last season with decent offense
18 Seattle  78 84 They've been improving, can they take the next step?
19 San Francisco 75 87 Really good offense, but pitching needs to reign it in
20 Durham  75 87 Nice signing in Sakamoto, but will he be enough? 
21 Salem 78 84 Looking to get back into it after a few seasons of rebuild
22 Austin  76 86 Not quite sure what to make of this team this season
23 Charlotte  71 91 Pitching needs to improve if they are getting back in it
24 El Paso 68 94 Solid offense, but the pitching was pretty bad last season
25 Dover 69 93 Added Roberts for $75 mil, so the rebuild may be over
26 St. Louis 61 101 Rough last season, the offense is still taking shape
27 Cincinnati 70 92 Took a step back last season, but could get back in it
28 Santa Fe 84 78 Seem to be rebuilding, letting two top FA's walk 
29 Tampa Bay  77 85 Looking for someone for Haselman to pass the torch to
30 Syracuse  66 96 The pitching wasn't there last season, that will be key
31 Cheyenne 57 105 Also had pitching woes and seem to be rebuilding
32 New York (NL) 58 104 They look to rebuilding, so it may be a rough season 

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