Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Season 25 Preseason Power Rankings

The off-season free agency frenzy has settled and spring training is under way, which means it's time to check in with the preseason power rankings!  Atlanta once again comes in #1 looking very strong once again.   Houston, active in free agency once again, comes in at #2, with Salt Lake City, Pawtucket and defending champ Buffalo rounding out the top 5.  It looks like it will be an interesting season, with several teams having the potential to have break through seasons.  Good luck this season, here are the complete rankings!

Season 24

Team  W L    Comments
1 Atlanta  115 47 Incredibly deep, loss of Monahan shouldn't hurt much
2 Houston 98 64 Added another marquee bat in Guillen, so looking good
3 Salt Lake City 101 61 Looks the same as last year, so they should be solid
4 Pawtucket 91 71 3-time MVP Cruz will lead the way once again here
5 Buffalo  96 66 Defending champs always seem to get it done
6 Colorado Springs 82 80 Up and coming team that should see improvement 
7 St. Louis 79 83 Influx of offense through free agency should definitely help
8 Boston  97 65 Added a few pieces, but Atlanta in same division is tough
9 Cleveland 97 65 Under new ownership, so could see some changes here
10 Jacksonville 82 80 Busy in free agency, and already had a great offense
11 Los Angeles 88 74 Should be one of the best pitching teams once again
12 Cincinnati 88 74 Looking to build on a solid record from last season
13 Arizona 89 73 Should be great on offense again and in contention
14 New York (AL) 87 75 Great pitching should continue, and keep them relevant
15 Charlotte  86 76 We expect similar results as they got last season here
16 Texas 84 78 High upside, as they have a strong minor league system
17 Las Vegas 76 86 Landed ace Monahan, could be the boost they needed
18 Austin  82 80 Not much buzz about them in the offseason, so we'll see
19 Salem 80 82 Pretty strong minor league system, so there is upside
20 Tampa Bay  77 85 Looking to rebound from a slightly disappointing season
21 Florida 73 89 Offense was a weakness last year, we'll see if it improves
22 Santa Fe 75 87 Will be interesting to see what they do in this park
23 Dover 77 85 Seem to be committed to rebuilding, but have some talent
24 Seattle  74 88 They're making strides, but it's tough to hit in their park
25 Philadelphia 50 112 Extremely active in FA, and have a strong minors
26 Durham  74 88 Division very tough, but have talent, so we'll see
27 Trenton 77 85 Have talent on offense but pitching is a question mark
28 Syracuse  64 98 Need pitching to be more consistent to move up
29 Louisville 62 100 Pitching got rocked last season, so not sure about them
30 New York (NL) 75 87 Lost a lot of players in FA, so looks like a rebuild here
31 Cheyenne 62 100 New park could help them, but too early to tell 
32 San Francisco 54 108 Improvement is possible, if the pitching staff steps up

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