Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Season 23 League Leaders

With the regular season complete for Season 23, let's take a look at those who achieved league leader status this season!

American League
In the AL, three players led multiple categories. Eugene Brantley of Tampa Bay took home the batting title (.325) and led the league in hits (195).  Boston's Kendry Lunar took home the Home Run (54) and RBI (139) titles. Albert Cruz of Pawtucket finished tops in Slugging (.655) and OPS (1.072).  He also had near misses finishing 3rd in batting average and 2nd in Home Runs and RBI, making him a leading contender for MVP.  Here are your AL Offensive League Leaders!

Batting Average Eugene Brantley Tampa Bay .325
Home Runs Kendry Lunar Boston 54
RBI Kendry Lunar Boston 144
Stolen Bases Jose Tavarez Albuquerque 85
Hits Eugene Brantley Tampa Bay 195
Runs Vern Connelly Louisville 147
OBP Joey Ryan Louisville .419
SLG Albert Cruz Pawtucket .655
OPS Albert Cruz Pawtucket 1.072

National League
Two players dominated the NL offensive categories this season.  Greg Riley of Texas led the NL in Batting Average (.345), RBI (144) and Hits (217).  He just missed the triple crown coming in 2nd in Home Runs with 57.  The player who finished first in Home Runs (62) was Willie Cerda of Little Rock who also led the NL in Runs (123), Slugging (.709) and OPS (1.106).  His OPS mark was the 5th highest in Cobbfather history.  Needless to say, it's probably between these two guys for MVP.  Here are the rest of the NL Offensive Leaders

Batting Average Greg Riley Texas .345
Home Runs Willie Cerda Little Rock 62
RBI Greg Riley Texas 144
Stolen Bases Yoshinori Ni Texas 65
Hits Greg Riley Texas 217
Runs Willie Cerda Little Rock 123
OBP Javier Perez Buffalo .416
SLG Willie Cerda Little Rock .709
OPS Willie Cerda Little Rock 1.106

American League
The only multiple category leader in AL pitching was Charlotte's Terry Cameron who led the AL in Innings Pitched (239), Quality Starts (26) and Complete Games (5). Francisco Aramboles of Atlanta gets a mention for tying the 3rd highest strikeout total in Cobbfather history with 246.  Here are the rest of the pitching leaders in the AL.

ERA Dioner Ontiveros Charlotte 2.30
Wins Alex Satou Pawtucket 18

Ron Gross Pawtucket 18

Thomas Hutchinson Atlanta 18
Strikeouts Francisco Aramboles Atlanta 246
Saves Gus Masaoka Atlanta 48
WHIP Gregory Evans Trenton 1.02
Innings Pitched Terry Cameron Charlotte 239.0
Quality Starts Terry Cameron Charlotte 26
Complete Games Terry Cameron Charlotte 5
Shutouts 4 Tied

National League
For Season 23, this section belongs to Don Monahan of Dover.  He won the pitching triple crown in the NL by leading the league in ERA (2.07), Wins (20), and Strikeouts (241).  He also led the NL in Innings Pitched (247.1) and set a new all-time Cobbfather record for Quality Starts with 31.  I think this guy may deserve some consideration for the Cy Young Award.  Here is the full list of NL Pitching leaders.

ERA Don Monahan Dover 2.07
Wins Don Monahan Dover 20
Strikeouts Don Monahan Dover 241
Saves Will Ogden Dover 45
WHIP Felipe Chantres Florida 1.00
Innings Pitched Don Monahan Dover 247.1
Quality Starts Don Monahan Dover 31
Complete Games 4 Tied
Shutouts Matt Stokes Ottawa 3

Congratulations to all that made the League Leaders list this season!

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