Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Season 23 Preseason Power Rankings

Season 23 is the brink, which means it's time for the preseason power rankings!  There were some interesting off-season events, including a change in ownership for the back-to-back champs Dover, who still come into the season as the #1 team, although they should be heavily challenged for that spot throughout the season.  Coming in at #2 is Houston, who has broken into the ranks of the elite by adding 3-time Cy Young Award winner Norman LaPorta and 2-time MVP Dustan Jackson to an already solid squad.  Tampa Bay comes in at #3, as they should have another great year, along with #4 Pittsburgh who has won 100 games 3 out of the last 4 seasons.  World Series runner-up Atlanta comes in at #5, despite being the undisputed, unchallenged #1 in their owner's mind.  Jokes aside, it wouldn't be shocking to see them a top the rankings at some point this season.   Here are the complete rankings, good luck to all the teams in Season 23!

Team  W L   Comments
1 Dover 109 53 Hard to drop the back-to-back champs at this point
2 Houston 94 68 Adding LaPorta and Jackson should make them elite
3 Tampa Bay  109 53 Some argue they are aging, but should be solid again
4 Pittsburgh  105 57 Looking like a contender again with great pitching 
5 Atlanta  96 66 World series runner-up should have a great season
6 Los Angeles 92 70 Always in the thick of it, and should be this season
7 Boston  105 57 Not sure if they can repeat last season, but still good
8 St. Louis 89 73 Solid across the board, so should be in it this season
9 Las Vegas 86 76 NL West is tough, but they should be up for the fight
10 Buffalo  88 74 Great pitching, but how will the offense produce?
11 Helena 87 75 If the pitching improves, they could be on the rise
12 San Juan 83 79 Made some moves in FA, and have solid core of youth
13 Little Rock 86 76 Coming off a down season, have the talent to rebound
14 Durham  88 74 This team is up and down, what will this season hold?
15 Charlotte  82 80 Pretty solid club here, and could be headed higher
16 Austin  84 78 Offense needs to improve for them to contend 
17 Ottawa 81 81 Offense was an issue for them, can they improve? 
18 Pawtucket 80 82 Have some potential here, and city move should help
19 Louisville 77 85 Losing Jackson hurts, but pitching is the main issue 
20 Colorado Springs 73 89 AL West contenders, but not because of team talent
21 Salt Lake City 80 82 Fell apart at the end last season, and lost some FA's
22 Seattle  61 101 Have good prospects, can the offense get it down?
23 Albuquerque 70 92 Lost a few FA's, as the new owner makes it their own
24 New York  72 90 We'll see if they're able to take a step forward 
25 Syracuse  75 87 Pitching needs to improve for them to get better
26 Rochester 74 88 Pitching got rocked last season, will it improve? 
27 Texas 67 95 Surprisingly bad offense last season needs to improve
28 Salem 71 91 At least you can't count them out of the AL West race
29 Trenton 69 93 Lost some FA's, so they're a bit of a question mark
30 Philadelphia 51 111 Not really sure where they're at with the rebuild
31 Florida 53 109 This is a rebuild for sure, but new owner is solid
32 San Francisco 55 107 Can they finally get it together this season?  Not sure.

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