Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Season 22 All Star Coverage

It's hard to believe the All Star game is already here in Season 22, but the festivities are getting under way and the All Star teams have been announced.  Tampa Bay (AL) led the way with 7 All Stars this season, followed by Dover (NL) with 6.  Boston (AL), Buffalo (NL) and Pittsburgh (NL) each had 5.

In the AL, only 9 teams had players on the squad.  Leading the way for the AL again, is the great one or Mr. Perfect, as he is known in some circles James Haselman, making his 11th All Star appearance in 11 seasons.  Roberto Bennett of Vancouver gets an honorable mention for making his 7th appearance.

In the NL, 12 teams were represented on the squad, and headlining is a pair of Dover teammates grabbing the headlines, as Mendy Kondou is making his 8th appearance, and Norman LaPorta is making his 7th.

Here are the complete All Star Rosters!


Player Team Appearance
C Roger DuBose Boston 2nd
1B Vern Connelly Louisville 1st
2B Dustan Jackson Louisville 4th
3B Benjamin Delcarmen Rochester 1st
SS Dorian Hochevar Durham 1st
LF Stubby Shaw Boston 4th
CF Morgan Cerda Atlanta 3rd
RF Juan Mercado Charlotte 2nd
DH Arthur Stern Vancouver 1st


Player Team Appearance
P Walt White Charlotte 3rd
P James Haselman Tampa Bay 11th
P Edwin Radlosky Boston 4th
P Luis Valdes Durham 1st
P Gus Masaoka Atlanta 1st
P Victor Almanzar Boston 5th
P Terry Cameron Louisville 2nd
P Julio Sanchez Tampa Bay 4th
P Tony Saenz Tampa Bay 1st
P Footsie Blauser St. Louis 1st
P Logan Roberts Charlotte 1st
P Carlos Castro Tampa Bay 1st
P Vic Amaral Atlanta 1st


Player Team Appearance
C Jimmie Newson St. Louis 1st
1B Eugene Brantley Tampa Bay 6th
2B Gerald Jacobsen Tampa Bay 2nd
3B Roberto Bennett Vancouver 7th
SS Pedro Cervelli Tampa Bay 1st
LF Midre Mantalban Vancouver 3rd
CF Aaron Kennedy Boston 3rd
RF William Sabathia Vancouver 5th

AL All-Stars by Team
Tampa Bay 7
Boston 5
Vancouver 4
Atlanta 3
Charlotte 3
Louisville 3
Durham 2
St. Louis 2
Rochester 1


Player Team Appearance
C Stan Dickens Dover 4th
1B Victor Guzman Helena 1st
2B Benny Lee Pittsburgh 1st
3B Mendy Kondou Dover 8th
SS Albert Pineda Dover 6th
LF Felipe James Los Angeles 4th
CF Chris Nye Dover 3rd
RF Jerrod Griffiths Houston 2nd


Player Team Appearance
P Manuel Estrada Houston 3rd
P Homer Butler Los Angeles 5th
P Rodrigo Ontiveros Las Vegas 2nd
P Brent Voyles Ottawa 3rd
P Don Monahan Dover 3rd
P Jayson Klesko Austin 3rd
P Lewis Peterson Pittsburgh 2nd
P Norman LaPorta Dover 7th
P Edgar Henriquez Pittsburgh 2nd
P Welington Melendez Buffalo 2nd
P Pedro Mijares Pittsburgh 1st
P Juan Seanez Little Rock 2nd
P Antonio Ishida Buffalo 1st
P Dom Sturtze Austin 1st


Player Team Appearance
C Dan Pall Helena 2nd
1B Howard Greer Pittsburgh 4th
2B Kevin Taylor Las Vegas 1st
3B Vic Rios Buffalo 1st
SS Hideo Sakamoto Salt Lake City 2nd
LF Pascual Hernandez Buffalo 4th
CF Timo Worrell Seattle 1st
RF Magglio Johnson Buffalo 1st
NL All-Stars by Team
Dover 6
Buffalo 5
Pittsburgh 5
Austin 2
Helena 2
Houston 2
Las Vegas 2
Los Angeles 2
Little Rock 1
Ottawa  1
Salt Lake City 1
Seattle 1

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