Saturday, October 19, 2013

Season 21 All Star Coverage

The Season 21 All Star Game is upon us, and it's time to look at who made this year's teams.  Deserving a special mention in the AL, James Haselman is making his 10th appearance, while Elston Lloyd is making his 8th. In the NL, both Mendy Kondou and Clarence Loney are making their 7th appearances. Atlanta had the most All Stars in the AL with 4, while in the NL, Dover had an amazing 9 members of the All Star Team!  I guess it's not all that surprising since they are the #1 ranked team, but still impressive.  Here's a complete listing of this season's all stars.


Player Team Appearance
C Roger DuBose Boston 1st
1B Alex Manto Atlanta 1st
2B Dustan Jackson Kansas City 3rd
3B Roberto Bennett Vancouver 6th
SS Javier Mairena Florida 1st
LF Lastings Morris Colorado 2nd
CF Morgan Cerda Atlanta 2nd
RF Mike Worthington Tampa Bay 2nd
DH Takumi Tanaka St. Louis 1st


Player Team Appearance
P Jayson Klesko St. Louis 2nd
P Walt White Charlotte 2nd
P Freddy Masao Durham 1st
P Edwin Radlosky Boston 3rd
P Thomas Hutchinson Atlanta 2nd
P Alex Satou Colorado Springs 3rd
P Carl Young Detroit 1st
P James Haselman Tampa Bay 10th
P Torey Ontiveros Durham 3rd
P Javier Javier St. Louis 1st
P Miguel Sosa Charlotte 1st
P Tomas Batista Durham 2nd
P Moises Toregas Burlington 1st


Player Team Appearance
C Elston Lloyd Vancouver 8th
1B Luis Alarcon Colorado Springs 3rd
2B Vic Park Atlanta 1st
3B Carlos James Kansas City 4th
SS Curt Hebert Burlington 3rd
LF Stubby Shaw Boston 3rd
CF Vic Crowe Colorado Springs 2nd
RF William Sabathia Vancouver 4th


Player Team Appearance
C Alex Molina Boise 1st
1B Will Maxwell Houston 3rd
2B Hootie Cookson Dover 2nd
3B Mendy Kondou Dover 7th
SS Xavier Dean Boise 3rd
LF Pascual Hernandez Buffalo 3rd
CF Chris Nye Dover 2nd
RF Garrett Patrick Dover 2nd


Player Team Appearance
P Homer Butler Los Angeles 4th
P Don Monahan Dover 2nd
P Norman LaPorta Dover 6th
P Lyle Wallace Los Angeles 3rd
P Manuel Estrada Houston 2nd
P Alexi Garces Buffalo 1st
P Karim Nieto Seattle 1st
P Magglio Martinez Honolulu 1st
P Clarence Poole Houston 4th
P Marvin Walsh Pittsburgh 4th
P Lynn Mortensen Salt Lake City 2nd
P Dioner Ontiveros Austin 1st
P Bob Wood Los Angeles 2nd
P Felix Wheat Pittsburgh 3rd


Player Team Appearance
C Stan Dickens Dover 3rd
1B Ray Rudolph Little Rock 2nd
2B Hideo Sakamoto Salt Lake City 1st
3B Pepe Guillen Minnesota 4th
SS Albert Pineda Dover 5th
LF Clarence Loney Dover 7th
CF Del Bolivar Syracuse 1st
RF Jerrod Griffiths Houston 1st

American League All Stars by Team  
Atlanta 4
Boston 3
Colorado Springs 3
Durham 3
St. Louis 3
Vancouver 3
Burlington 2
Charlotte 2
Kansas City 2
Tampa Bay 2
Colorado 1
Detroit 1
Florida 1

National League All Stars by Team
Dover 9
Houston 4
Los Angeles 3
Austin 2
Boise 2
Buffalo 2
Pittsburgh 2
Salt Lake City 2
Little Rock 1
Minnesota 1
Seattle 1
Syracuse 1

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