Sunday, September 15, 2013

Season 21 Preseason Power Rankings

Season 21 is about to get under way very shortly, so that means it's time for the preseason power rankings.  As humbly predicted by their owner, Dover has claimed the top spot once again after an impressive run last season, while the defending champion Colorado Springs comes in at #2.  Winning 100 games three seasons in a row, Pittsburgh rounds out the top 3.  Good luck to those ranked highly in fulfilling lofting expectations and to those ranked low in proving the rankings wrong!   Here are the complete preseason power rankings.

Season 20

Team  W L   Comments
1 Dover 109 53 Great roster, is this the season they get their WS title?
2 Colorado Springs 99 63 The defending champs are gearing up for a repeat
3 Pittsburgh  106 56 3 straight 100 win seasons and still looking solid
4 Tampa Bay  102 60 Haselman and a very nice offense, hard to doubt them
5 Little Rock 94 68 Great stats for a while, can they capitalize this year?
6 Los Angeles 95 67 Top FA Wallace a nice add, will the offense be enough?
7 St. Louis 91 71 Nice add in Mantalban, nice roster all around
8 Buffalo  95 67 Have been a strong contender for several seasons now
9 Atlanta  87 75 Great youthful roster, and has more talent coming up
10 Vancouver  91 71 Couldn't three-peat, but should be back in the thick of it
11 Texas 94 68 Surprise team last year looking to show they're legit
12 Minnesota  89 73 Strong roster, fell off towards the end of last season
13 Boston  96 66 Solid offense, if pitching can come through, look out
14 Detroit  82 80 Solid all around, were better than their record last season
15 Charlotte  79 83 On the verge of contending, looking to take next step
16 Burlington  72 90 Pretty solid stats last season, need to convert it to wins
17 Durham  71 91 Fell off  a bit after contending, looking to rebound
18 Kansas City  83 79 Great offense, but pitching needs to step it up.  
19 Houston 72 90 Not bad numbers wise, should improve this season.  
20 Boise 82 80 If the pitching is there, they could be in the thick of it
21 Rochester 80 82 If pitching improves, they should be over .500
22 Austin  71 91 Offense was lacking last season, but had nice pitching
23 Salt Lake City 76 86 Pitching was rough last season, we'll see if it improves
24 New York  73 89 Above average pitching, will the bats come alive?  
25 Florida  55 107 Nice young talent coming up should lead to improvement
26 Salem 66 96 Good offense, and returning owner has had success here
27 Philadelphia 71 91 Getting better as owner puts their own mark on the team
28 Honolulu  67 95 Pitching was bad, but recent trades could pay off
29 Syracuse  72 90 Lost a few free agents, seem to be in rebuilding mode
30 Colorado  61 101 Making progress, but pitching was awful last season
31 Seattle  59 103 Still rebuilding, need some more offense this season
32 Jacksonville 52 110 Major rebuild here, but nice to see the team in good hands

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