Monday, April 15, 2013

Season 19 All-Star Coverage

Leon Jackson - Senior Writer - Cobbfather Post Gazette

Season 19's All-Star Game is upon us, and it's time to see who has made this season's All-Star squads!  In the American League, the team is highlighted by hurlers James Haselman and Harry Mieses each making their 8th All-Star appearance. Yamid Montanez is making his 7th All-Star appearance this season, which automatically qualifies him for the Hall of Fame ballot.

In the NL, it's slugger Andres Candelaria is the leader in appearances on the squad this season making his 7th, which again, automatically qualifies him for the Hall of Fame ballot.

The teams with the most all-stars were Arizona and Vancouver in the AL with 5 each, and Little Rock in the NL with 5.   Without further adieu, here's the complete All-Star rosters for Season 19!


Player Franchise Appearance
C Welington Aquino Colorado Springs 1st
1B Eugene Brantley Tampa Bay 4th
2B Dustan Jackson Kansas City 2nd
3B Pepe Guillen Arizona 2nd
SS Benito Beltre Vancouver 1st
LF Chris Kile Cleveland 3rd
CF Morgan Cerda Atlanta 1st
RF Clarence Loney Cleveland 6th
DH Joey Ryan Kansas City 1st


Player Franchise Appearance
P Allen Cox Kansas City 5th
P James Haselman Tampa Bay 8th
P Ellie Jenkins Boston 1st
P Trevor McQuillan New York 3rd
P Cody Bonds Colorado Springs 1st
P Victor Almanzar Boston 4th
P Harry Mieses Colorado Springs 8th
P Lorenzo Gonzalez Vancouver 6th
P Anibal Batista Arizona 1st
P Brent Voyles Arizona 2nd
P Julio Sanchez New York 3rd
P Edgard Fernandez Vancouver 3rd
P Ralph Drew Tampa Bay 1st
C Elston Lloyd Vancouver 6th
1B Luis Posada Arizona 1st
2B Yamid Montanez Boston 7th
3B Roberto Bennett Vancouver 4th
SS Gorkys Benitez Boston 2nd
LF Crash Meacham Atlanta 1st
CF Dante Iwamura Arizona 1st
RF Shawon Stoops Durham 6th

Arizona 5
Vancouver 5
Boston 4
Colorado Springs 3
Tampa Bay 3
Kansas City 3
Cleveland 2
Atlanta 2
New York 2
Durham 1


Player Franchise Appearance
C Mark Martin Little Rock 5th
1B Ray Rudolph Little Rock 1st
2B Calvin Decker Little Rock 2nd
3B Jose Pizzaro El Paso 3rd
SS Xavier Dean Boise 2nd
LF Andres Candelaria Minnesota 7th
CF Vic Gonzales Dover 3rd
RF Garrett Patrick Dover 1st


Player Franchise Appearance
P Rodrigo Ontiveros Boise 1st
P Clarence Poole El Paso 3rd
P Lariel Perez Buffalo 1st
P Norman LaPorta Austin 5th
P Jung Hasegawa Austin 6th
P Eddie Allen Boise 3rd
P Andres Baez Honolulu 1st
P Daniel Haselman Little Rock 2nd
P Douglas Banks Buffalo 1st
P Tony Lopez Los Angeles 5th
P Dennis Saito Omaha 1st
P Marvin Walsh Pittsburgh 2nd
P Kid Torres Dover 2nd
P Rob Corbin Pittsburgh 1st
C Clyde Lowry Pittsburgh 1st
1B Rafael Mercedes Minnesota 1st
2B Hootie Cookson Dover 1st
3B Cap Rivera Austin 2nd
SS Gail Roberts Texas 1st
LF Howard Greer Pittsburgh 3rd
CF Hub Petrov Buffalo 1st
RF Carlos Trevino Little Rock 1st

Little Rock 5
Dover 4
Pittsburgh 4
Austin 3
Boise 3
Buffalo 3
El Paso 2
Minnesota 2
Honolulu 1
Los Angeles 1
Texas  1

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