Friday, February 15, 2013

Season 18 Awards Recap

Leon Jackson - Cobbfather Post Gazette

The Season 18 Awards were handed out recently, here's a recap of the winners.

AL MVP: Morgan Cerda - ATL - .272 AVG 45 HR 129 RBI
Cerda took home the MVP in a close race edging out Eugene Brantley and Yamid Montanez for the award.  Cerda had a very good year, but it's hard for us to get behind this selection.  Both Brantley and Montanez hit .320+ and had .400+ OBP which dominate Cerda's numbers, plus Cerda's stellar season only amounted to all of 70 wins for the Expos.  Given the team's performance, it probably should have gone to Brantley.  Nonetheless, Cerda also won a Silver Slugger award (so did Brantley and Montanez), his second and also collected the Rookie of the Year Award in Season 16. 

NL MVP: Howard Greer - PIT - .302 AVG 55 HR 135 RBI
Greer was the run away winner of the NL MVP, leading Pittsburgh to 103 wins with his fierce bat.    There really weren't any other legit contenders, so it was pretty much an obvious choice.  He made his second all-star team and won his second silver slugger this season as well.

AL Cy Young:  James Haselman - TB - 21-3 1.46 ERA
There aren't enough superlatives to described another phenomenal season by Haselman.  He won 21 of 28 starts with a microscopic ERA and WHIP.  A stint on the DL did not hinder him at all.  He made his 7th consecutive all-star team, and became the 3rd pitcher in Cobbfather history to win 3 Cy Young Awards.  At only age 30, he certainly could challenge the great Carl Sosa's record of 4 Cy Youngs.  Needless to say, he was a runaway winner.

NL Cy Young: Lewis Peterson - PIT - 21-6 2.80 ERA
Peterson was also a runaway winner, giving Pittsburgh both the MVP and the Cy Young Award winner.  He was a workhorse, taking the mound for 40 starts and 240 innings.  He made his first all-star team this season, and won Player of the Week.

AL Rookie of the Year: Brent Voyles - SAL - 18-9 3.01 ERA
Voyles was clearly the most dominant rookie in the AL this year.  The 21 year old hurler won Player of the Week, made the all-star team and finished 5th in the Cy Young voting.  It was quite the rookie year for Voyles, and it looks like he has many more great seasons to come.

NL Rookie of the Year: Lynn Mortensen - OMA - 20-6 2.91 ERA
Mortensen won Rookie of the Year in the NL by a decisive margin.  On top of getting to 20 wins, the workhorse rookie tossed 240 innings, and made the all-star team.  It's surprising the NL Cy Young race wasn't a bit closer, because Mortensen's numbers are certain comparable to the winner's numbers. 

Fireman of the Year
AL:  Allen Cox - STL - 3.70 ERA 52 SV - 2nd win
NL: Homer Butler - WAS - 1.80 ERA 40 SV - 1st win

Silver Slugger Awards
American League
DH  Jaime Lansing  Canadians  2nd
C  Elston Lloyd  Canadians  3rd
1B  Eugene Brantley  HoundDogs  2nd
2B  Yamid Montanez  Massacre  7th
3B  Juan Mercado  Syndicate  1st
SS  Charlie Borders  Radicals  6th
LF  J.R. Offerman  Redhawks  2nd
CF  Morgan Cerda  Expos  2nd
RF  Shawon Stoops  Radicals  2nd

National League 
P  Norman LaPorta  Large Hats  1st
C  Mark Martin  Lewinskys  3rd
1B  Will Maxwell  Primetimers  1st
2B  Calvin Decker  Lewinskys  1st
3B  Yuniesky Nieves  Lewinskys  1st
SS  George Fultz  Lewinskys  1st
LF  Howard Greer  Fighters  2nd
CF  Vic Gonzales  Diamond Dogs  2nd
RF  Al James  Fighters  5th   

Gold Glove Winners 
American League
P  Eddie Allen  Shark Waves  1st
C  Branch Borders  Psychos  7th
1B  Chris Kile  Wahoos  1st
2B  Benjamin Delcarmen  Wahoos  2nd
3B  Roberto Bennett  Canadians  7th
SS  Benito Beltre  Canadians  2nd
LF  Felipe James  HoundDogs  2nd
CF  Aaron Kennedy  Massacre  2nd
RF  Mike Worthington  HoundDogs  1st

National League
P  Lewis Peterson  Fighters  2nd
C  Pedro Neruda  Bisons  1st
1B  Andres Candelaria  Pill-Bugs  2nd
2B  Ken Stammen  Primetimers  1st
3B  Jose Pizzaro  TaTa's  2nd
SS  Esteban James  Fighters  5th
LF  Geronimo Ortiz  Large Hats  1st
CF  Terry James  Primetimers  3rd
RF  Lance Weatherford  Sycophants  1st

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