Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kansas City press conference

Welcome to the Kansas City Tweaker press conference. First off, thank you for your time Dirtyhill03.

Question 1: A lot of owners are calling this FA class the best ever. Do you agree?

Dirtyhill03: "Absolutely. The amount of talent available in the FA was staggering. A lot of teams were able to address their needs with really good players. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out."

Question 2: Are you happy with how the Tweakers did in the FA period?

Dirtyhill03: "We landed the best starting pitcher on the market. We're really excited about that and what Evans can bring to our club."

Question 3: Are you surprised that
Ken Evans left NY? And why do you think Evans left NY?

Dirtyhill03: "I am a little surprised, yes. I don't know how or why he left, but once he became a free agent he became out # 1 target. There was a lot of back and forth on how high to take the offer, but once payroll was cleared we decided to go all the way. Unfortunately we had to lose some good players to make the payroll work and we'll miss those guys. However, I feel like it will be worth it in the long run."

Question 4: After dealing
Dean Gagne and Peaches Hernandez your fans have some concerns about the offense. A lot of fans don't think there will be enough run support for your great pitching. Do you have any concerns about the line up?

Dirtyhill03: "No concerns at all. Hated to lose those two and wish them all the best and wish the teams they're going to a great season. However, we still think we will have a very strong offense. We picked up
Fausto Gonzalez in a deal that didn't get much attention but it's one we think will pay immediate dividends for us. Also, we're well positioned to put some of our young players in there and we don't anticipate much drop off at all. With guys like Brutus Henry and Donaldo Cordero to go along with the guys we've had for a couple of seasons, we think our offense will be fine."

Question 5: Which franchise do you feel did the best in FA?

Dirtyhill03: "I think ATL was a decent bullpen away from a WS appearance and possible win last season. They clearly addressed the bullpen this off season and I think it made them even better for season 10. I'm amazed by the maneuvers that Syracuse did and how they were able to sign FA players and still improve thier draft positioning. A lot of teams did a good job addressing some needs, but those two stood out to me."

Question 6: In your opinion, who will be the season 10 AL champ? Who will be the NL champ? and who is going to win the WS?

Dirtyhill03: "I think the AL competition got a lot tougher with Evans coming here to KC. Ultimately I think ATL and HOU are still the teams the beat. We're Gunning for them though. I think the NL is still all about ROC and DOV. The NL has picked up a lot of talent that had been sitting in the AL though. So those two are going to have tougher competition than maybe they've seen in a couple of seasons. I think ROC will make it through a much improved NL. I think that ATL, HOU, and KC are neck and neck (and neck) in the AL, with ploppie's team not far behind. I wouldn't be surprised to see any of those 4 in the world series. And being an AL guy, give me the AL in the world series!"

Well that's all the time we have for today. Thank you for your time Dirtyhill03 (The Tweaker), and best of luck this season.

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