Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Season 7 Preview - National League

Ronny Longs the Baseball Swami

Season seven in Cobbfather is upon us, and the question in the National League is, "Is there anybody who can possibly overtake Rochester?"  In Swami Longs opinion, the answer is a firm no.  But just to be fair he's going to preview everyone else anyways so they can see how far they are behind what is undoubtedly the top team in the league.  So without further ado, here are the Swami's predictions.

National League

Overview: The National League, which had been pretty competitive for the first five seasons of Cobbfather met a new Lord and Master last year when Rochester totally took off and owned the regular season, and several past powerhouses, notably Sacramento, took a major step backwards.  But for all their regular season prowess, the Rolling Rocks turned sour like old beer in a green bottle in the playoffs, losing to the surprise world champion Cincinnati Red Stockings.  Now the Red Stockings probably take offense to Ronny basically dismissing them and every other NL team, but unless they can get Rochester in a short series slump, on paper there is no question who's boss.

Projected Cy Young: Pepper Boyer - Rochester Rolling Rocks
Projected MVP: Bill Everhart -Rochester Rolling Rocks
Projected Fireman of the Year: Sammy Felix - Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens
Projected Rookie of the Year: Ollie Brock -Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens

Top Five Rotations in the National League
1. Rochester Rolling Rocks
2. Nashville Mayhem
3. Jackson Rockets
4. Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens
5. Dover Diamond Dogs

Top Five Lineups in the National League
1. Rochester Rolling Rocks
2. Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens
3. Jackson Rockets
4. Nashville Mayhem
5. Syracuse Sycophants

Top Five Bullpens in the National League
1. Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens
2. Jackson Rockets
3. Charleston Chew
4. Nashville Mayhem
5. Rochester Rolling Rocks

Top Five Benches in the National League
1. Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens
2. Dover Diamond Dogs
3. Nashville Mayhem
4. Charleston Chew
5. Rochester Rolling Rocks

Top Three Offseason Free Agent Signings
1. Moises Terrero - Syracuse Sycophants
2. Andre Moss - New York Primetimers
3. Junior Koh - Portland Beavers

Six Teams on the Rise:
1. Portland Beavers
2. Cincinnati Red Stockings
3. Honolulu Haoles
4. Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens
5. Los Angeles Lunatics
6. Cheyenne Chiefs

Two Teams on the Decline
1. San Juan Chinchillas
2. Jackson Rockets

Five prospects who could make a difference if called up this season
1. Vasco Unamuno - Buffalo Bisons
2. Vic Costilla - Cheyenne Chiefs
3. Mark Randall - Dover Diamond Dogs
4. Joseph Hyun - Honolulu Haoles
5. Chip James - San Juan Chinchillas

Projected finishes, by division:

NL North
Rochester Rolling Rocks - 111-51
Syracuse Sycophants - 84-78
Ottawa Lineman - 74-88
Portland Beavers - 68-94

NL East
New York Primetimers -  86-76
Cincinnati Red Stockings - 84-78
Dover Diamond Dogs - 81-81
Buffalo Bisons - 80-82

NL South
Nashville Mayhem - 96-66
Jackson Rockets - 94-68
Charleston Chew - 88-74
San Juan Chinchillas - 79-83

NL West
Sacramento Fighting Cornish Hens - 97-65
Honolulu Haoles - 85-77
Los Angeles Lunatics - 81-81
Cheyenne Chiefs - 75-87

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