Thursday, August 14, 2008

Season 2 Preview - NL South

Swami Naktap - Special to Cobbfather Post Gazette

NL South

Texas Fried Pickles (97-65, 2nd place)
--Swami Naktap says the Fried Pickles are the very best of carnival food, superior to even the vaunted elephant ear. The product on the field will also be at the top of junk food alley, and will give opponents bellyaches like the morning after a night at the state fair. The lineup is as crushing as a giant pork tenderloin, and the pitching staff is sweeter than a funnel cake. This combination should propel Texas to a division championship.
Prediction: 101-61 - 1st place

Memphis Goats (99-63, 1st place)
--Swami Naktap would have liked to have been celebrating at Silky O'Sullivans after the Goats World Series triumph last season. The Goats won the division and took the series, but swami says that Memphis will have a hard time repeating that feat as Texas is an extremely deep team. But Naktap sees the Goats chewing their way through the fence and finding their way past the bar into a wildcard spot.
Prediction: 97-65 - 2nd place

Oklahoma City Fighting Lint (71-91, 4th place)
--Swami Naktap does not enjoy fighting lint, so he makes sure to clean the lint trap on his dryer after every cycle. Swami says the baseball fighting lint are like a mid grade $500 dryer, good enough to dry your clothes without ruining them, but not good enough to have a lingerie cycle. This middle of the road approach for a franchise in transition should yield a .500 season, which while a bit stiff in the neckline, is better than being damp-dry.
Prediction: 81-81 - 3rd place.

Jacksonville Klines (76-86. 3rd place)
--Swami Naktap believes that Buddy Poole is good enough to live up to the awesome legacy of Dallas Kline. Naktap also believes that the rest of the team has a ways to go to reach hall of fame potential. Still, like the all timer from Cobb World, the Klines have the never say die fighting spirit, and swami says they will be a tough out for any team, even if they are not elite as a unit. Naktap sees the offense driving the team to a respectable record, but the pitching staff having some letdowns.
Prediction: 76-86 - 4th place.

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